Friday, March 24, 2017

WTF Paranormal with James Paradie: "Dude. You need to get laid." The King of Orbs

What's going on, fellow frighteners? Welcome to the revamped Annoying Things About the Paranormal. The name is no more and I have decided that simply WTF Paranormal fits perfectly. I will keep the previous Annoying Things as they were, but this is the name I'm using from now on.

Our first WTF Paranormal is one of the paranormal's hard to kill, stomp it to the freaking ground, thoughts that orbs are spirits. No. I'm sorry. They're not. It's been scientifically proven. But some people won't listen.

Take it from this guy, he's well known around paranormal circles and is the definition of not letting shit go. I have redacted his name from the screenshot, but trust me, it's not hard to find him ... mostly because he shares the same crap everywhere.

Look at all that "evidence." But wait! There's more! 

Oh, look. He even has his "orbs" framed. He's definitely proud of the dust in his house. But wait! Yep. There's more.

And hey! There's Chris Chaos. You know him real well around Scared Sheetless. 

He's the one that showed me this, but like I told him, this guy has been sharing the same crap for years now. I had to unfriend him on Facebook, because I would post something and he would post this shit ... and it had nothing to do with the paranormal. I remember he did it when I was talking about comics and movies ... and music. It became very irritating and even I said, I don't believe in this shit, he would just keep posting his "findings."  

If there was a king of orbs it would be this guy. I'm sure he'd take that as a compliment, but dude, I'm sorry. It's not. 

Let it go. You're making the paranormal look like a freaking joke. 

That's all for WTF Paranormal. I hope you had yourself a good laugh at the king of orbs. He may make another return here, but basically that's all he ever talks about, so probably not. It will be like beating a dead horse and then he'll take a picture of where said dead horse was and claim he can see it in an orb and a bunch of numbers ... -sighs- Freaking orbs, man. Anyway, take care. 


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