Saturday, August 2, 2014

Annoying Things About the Paranormal: Friends for Likes

Last time we talked about circles in "ghost" photos, which flopped. Thanks. Made my comeback feel awesome. Just kidding. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to opinion pieces. They used to be second nature. Not so much anymore.

What are we talking about today? We're talking about the annoying things that paranormal investigators do (on Facebook). Yep. This one partly has to do with Facebook. But what is this annoying thing that they do on Facebook? Friends for Likes. It's the name I'm calling it.

If you're confused, it's all good. You will know (and possibly even agree with me) in a moment. There are some things that "ghost" people or paranormal investigators do when you accept them as a friend.

There's (something) like this:

Don't worry people who post crap like this on a new friends wall. I'm not picking on you. Although, nothing says thanks for being my friend like scaring the shit out of them with a creepy photo. I do find it kind of tedious, but I'm also indifferent about it. 

No ... the people in my crosshairs is this: 

*To the person: Hey, no ill will. You can get mad and delete me, whatever. At least I had the decency to cover your name. 

People who add others just to promote their own page. Being a self-published author, I can understand the want to promote something you're proud of or a service you want to advertise. Facebook is great for free advertising, especially if you have thousands of friends at your disposal. But when someone adds you, a split second later they say it's great to meet, please join my site, and they vamoose; are they really trying to be a friend or are you just a potential Facebook like? That's the question. 

If you promote yourself enough, everyone will know what you do, what pages you manage, what books you've written, etc. etc. Doing what this person did and what countless other people do, to me, is just not warranted. It's in rude taste, if you ask me. You're using people for your own gain and most of the time it isn't profit gain either. 

Thankfully most people don't do this, because they're adding you to learn, teach, or have more friends with something in common that they love. These people, the friends for likes, you might as well delete them. After that, you will never hear from them again. And you have to feel pity for them that they will add as many people as they can, advertise their pages on each and every single friend request, and do the same thing over and over again. It's sad that the paranormal field has become so desperate that some people go to these measures. 

Fortunately for them, unfortunate for us, they're worse things that some bad eggs in the paranormal are doing, and I have a feeling I've only scratched the surface.  

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