Saturday, October 31, 2015

Annoying Things About the Paranormal by James Paradie: I Grew Up (The "Ghosts Aren't Real" Whiners)

Remember my last Annoying Things About the Paranormal, called The God Requirement, where I talked about three words that drive some paranormal douche bags up the wall? Remember those words? 

I just don't. 

Those are not even the most hated. Sure, people hate it when you don't have an excuse for not believing in God, but they hate it even more when you say these three words: 

Ghosts aren't real. 

Whoa. Talk about a shit storm of the century. This drives people up and over the wall and into the nut bin of craziness. Some would argue that people should keep their opinions to themselves while others, like me, would make the argument to practice what you preach and keep your opinions to yourself. If you want things to be fair, of course. 

Guys, I'm sorry, but this is where I gotta show some tough love. I hope you understand. 

I know it's frustrating when someone says something you don't like, but as long as they're not being an asshole about it, I don't think it calls for any immature reactions like this: 

Real mature. I'd ask Stone Cold if he even believes in spirits before placing his face on something he probably doesn't even endorse. 

Or this one ... 

Don't get me wrong I do understand, because there was a time and a place where these three little words pissed me off too. But I did something. Three words as well. 

I grew up. 

You don't like it when people don't agree with your opinions, but the thing is, it's only your opinion. Your opinion isn't law. You're not God over what people should think, so just throw that out the freaking window right now. This is also goes for the "ghosts aren't real" people as well. 

It's crazy that people tend to make more of an effort caring about what strangers think of them than what they think of themselves. Why do you put so much time and effort caring about what some stranger thinks of ghosts? What's important is what YOU think of it. Not some random person. Not even a friend or a family member. YOU. If they don't believe in spirits, they simply don't. It's not harming you, is it? 

Does this happen? 

Stranger: "I don't believe in ghosts!"


I'd be willing to bet nothing of any physical harm happens to you when someone tells you they don't believe in ghosts. If it does, then well, you suffer from something I like to call self-entitlement syndrome. Where you think everyone needs to think exactly like you do in order to be considered a good person. This is something America is complaining about right now is that people are over-sensitive about peoples opinions and it DOES need to STOP. People can't practice freedom of speech anymore, because of one-dimensional people. Oh, you can practice freedom of speech ... only if it's the popular opinion. And that's a piss poor way to live. People who are like that just can't be happy, because no matter where you go, no matter who you talk to, everyone has a different opinion. Get over that right now, because you're going to stress yourself the hell out if you hate or get pissed off over every single person who has a different opinion than you. I had to do it and I'm a much happier person not caring what people think of my opinions.  

Is it great when someone agrees with you? Hell yeah it is, but it's not the end of the world when someone doesn't believe in ghosts. because a lot of people don't. A lot of people don't and paranormal investigating is still going strong. There's still conventions, there's still paranormal shows on TV, there's still books coming out like ice cream on a hot summer day. People saying, "ghosts aren't real" is not stopping it. 

If you want to follow the (possible slander) Stone Cold meme, flipping people off because they have a different opinion than you, then whatever. Personally, I think you're a baby for overreacting, but I can't stop you. 

Sometimes you need to be the bigger person and think about your actions as well as your reactions to what people say. No matter who you are, Zak Bagans to James Paradie, we all need to think about what we say and what we do, because no matter how big or small we are, we all represent the paranormal community. You need to allow different mindsets into the paranormal, because with different mindsets we get new questions, new theories, and new answers.  

Personally, I'm on this specter: 

It never hurts to just not give a shit. 

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