Monday, June 22, 2015

Annoying Things About the Paranormal: The God Requirement in Paranormal Investigating

For years I've had this article on the back burner and for years I've put it off. Simply because one subject I don't like to touch base on is God. Why? Because God is a very touchy subject to people. I don't want people to get the wrong impression of my opinions and disbelief as if I'm insulting the ones who follow Him. I have no problem with those who follow. My problem is those who hate either side. For example, if you praise God, you will surely have those who judge you. However, if you don't, you will be treated as if you're a sinner. A one whose 'lost their way.'

Society is like that. One little difference of opinion can alter what people think of you. It's a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. But in the paranormal, you would think different beliefs would be encouraged. In some small circles, yes. But not all. Not the majority, at least. And you know what they say, majority rules.

You can praise Him all you want and be fine, but the moment you show any disrespect or disbelief, the gloves are off for some people. Even if it's just an observation, people take that offensively. I would just rather not deal with the drama that comes with such a dramatic topic. On top of everything, Scared Sheetless is not that type of blog. Yes, I've done one article where I went into some detail on my beliefs on God, or rather my disbelief in the big G (Why Atheism is a Dirty Word), but I chose not to go into great detail on it.

Spoiler alert on this blog piece, I'm still not.

I am, however, going to go in depth about why investigators who don't believe in God face almost harsh prejudice against certain investigators. I have had two accounts. Yes, just two. In all rights I shouldn't whine or cry about it. Some may say it's probably a waste of time to even write this piece. But I've seen enough on social media, websites, blogs where people are attacked when that touchy God subject comes up. As noted, I've had just two of such prejudice comments concerning my disbelief's on God while being a paranormal investigator. But they have left a mark on me. Not a scar, but a mark that reminds that discrimination in beliefs exist in the paranormal.

Paranormal investigators like to put on this charade that we're all one-big-happy family. That we all don't care what color we are, what orientation we are, what beliefs we have, and whether we prefer Coke or Pepsi. When the truth is, we go at each others throats all the time. Once you've disagreed with someone, they take it as a harsh insult. Whether it's their inflated ego or maybe they have very thin skin, who knows, but people are very passionate about their findings, theories, and opinions.

Some take criticism, even constructive criticism as if you just insulted their mother and told them that she gives blowjobs in Hell (or in the PG version, sells socks in Hell) And it's petty stuff too. Examples vary from this person said this about this groups photo. They could tell them about how photos can be matrixed, but they don't want to hear it. Then there's the ones who believe they see something when there's really nothing, they are just seeing things. Or saying that the amazing EVP that this group captured is just noise contamination. We're FAR from being a big happy family. Far from it. Don't let that paranormal unity b.s. fool you, because at one time I believed in it, but now it's an illusion to mask the truth. A fools revelation. 

Truth is, we all come from different beliefs and the paranormal is not just a one-dimensional field. Paranormal investigating as a whole is a plethora of sub categories. You have those who believe that every bump and whisper in the night are spirits. You have the ones that believe whatever their little gizmos like EMF Meters, K-2's, or Spirit Boxes tell them as if the equipment is the judge and jury of an investigation. Then, you have the others who debunk every bump in the house and whisper of the wind to try to be scientific and use said scientific equipment to validate what is going on. Then you have those who bring mystical "forces" in the paranormal with pendulums, crystals, incense, and prayers. The bottom line is, we're all not cut from the same cloth. We all have our own agendas to prove to either ourselves or the masses.

You have people like the other contributors of Scared Sheetless, like Chris, Chad, Jennifer, Spookygirl, and Cindie who try to educate others with their specific sub-category of the paranormal. You have those who go out of their way to make everyone, except themselves, look like fools, so they look like martyrs. Then, you have those who treats this as a joke to make money off of it (naked paranormal, anyone?)

We all have our different agendas and that's why some of us don't click. We could get along, but we don't simply because we're different. The hardcore believers and the hardcore paranormal skeptic investigators are constantly going head to head in a battle of who is right. The only way you will know if your tactics of investigation works is the day you die and you become the hunted. Or you die and you're just worm food. No spirits. No afterlife. No being met by loved ones. Dead is dead. This is why my approach to the paranormal and the existence of spirits has gone more of a middle ground point of view. I don't take sides on if I'm a believer or a non-believer in spirits or any other paranormal entities. I simply stand on the sidelines and observe those who have an opinion. Both sides, in their defense, are constantly making great observations. It's the ones who say, I'm right and you're wrong, because of ... reasons that annoy me.

However, up until the point we die, that's all we're going to have is opinions and theories. They may be interesting, but up until we know the truth, we can only take everything with a grain of salt. The afterlife, as of right now in your living life, is shrouded in smoke and mirrors. Fantasy and theory. A skeptic is the same. Both sides have made up their mind, but what both sides forget is neither has the right answers. They only have theories.

If you want to be a believer, believe it then. If you want to be a skeptic, then disregard anything that sounds like hocus pocus at free will. But I've seen hardcore skeptics become believers just by one incident and on the other hand, I've seen hardcore believers become skeptics just by a new point of view. Just like gravity, it only takes one sturdy push to change an opinion or a belief.

What people just don't grasp is the vision that we are all different. We all come from different backgrounds of thought. We're not the same. Much like those who are racist, prejudice, or what have you, we deal with that here. Some more than others. And as my years have gone by, I've realized it more and more. It's almost like there is an unwritten rule that you must believe in certain things, without questioning it, to be a respected paranormal investigator or enthusiast.

In the paranormal, laws should go out the window. That's how we adapt, that's how we learn, that's how we find new theories is when we don't follow the rules. There should be no rules when it comes to an investigation. Otherwise, you're not going to try new things. You're going to stick with the same principles that have been around since investigating became an ideal hobby (or just a fad. You pick.)

Apparently, I was not aware of such an unwritten law that forbade me to still believe in spirits and not believe in God. Two people wanted me to leave the paranormal under scrutiny, because I had my own beliefs. This is a form of dictation. A vandalism of me being my own person. They asked for an explanation and no matter how I wrote it, they still said I was wrong. They made me feel like a villain to the paranormal community. Thankfully, people stood up for me. Even those of religious beliefs and I thank them graciously for that.

A few years ago, I posted a status on Facebook, where I talked about Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas. This is rough quote, but it went something like this: "I don't know why people get so pissed over others saying Merry Christmas. This is coming from a man who does not consider himself one of God's children. I am not. But what's the big deal? Christmas doesn't need to be just a time of the "Lord", it can be anything you want. To me, Christmas is about family, and that's why I say Merry Christmas, because it's about being with your family … and egg nogg, because I love that stuff."

If you've been friends of mine for not even a week, you can tell I'm somewhat of a smart ass, tongue-in-cheek guy. You should be able to tell just by this site itself, but some people seem to not get me. Of course, they're some people who have a hard time figuring out the difference between a legit statement or sarcasm. And sure, in their defense it is hard to tell through text. But for the most part, people knew my status was not to be taken ill and was meant to be a sarcastic antidote. But then, I had one lady, just one out of the perhaps 20 people who replied to it, who was offended by it. No matter where you go in the internet or in life, there is always that one person who is offended. Although she claimed she wasn't offended by it at all, and swore up and down that it is okay to have my own opinions, she 'just wanted to know why.' If she wasn't so offended by it, would she keep pursuing me in every response? Would she keep trying to take snips out of me to make me stumble? If she was truly not offended, she would just stop then and there. But she didn't. In fact, her motive was to try and make me feel less than human.

Her statements towards myself were out of whack and downright slander. She said that because I do not believe in God, I can't be considered an efficient paranormal investigator. This baffled me and for good reason too. I am not the only one who disbelieves in God, but still investigates the paranormal. Then there are some who don't believe in God nor do they believe in the paranormal. Ever hear of a skeptic investigator? But then, they are those who are the complete reverse. They don't believe in spirits, but yet, they believe in God. Shouldn't their beliefs be vandalized just as mine were? They believe in God, but yet they dare to disprove of a spiritual existence? Shouldn't that drive you mad enough or is it okay, because they believe in God?

I truly think that people who are like this just can't handle that there are people out there who don't believe in God. And it infuriates them when they don't know why. Such as this lady or another guy, who the next day after this happened decided to attack me as well, who kept asking why. No matter what answer I gave them, it wasn't good enough. The answer was, I just don't.

Three words: I just don't, made two people verbally attack me in a frenzy of questions and 'how could yous.' Just three words.

I just don't. 

Is it a requirement, such as a drivers license to buy liquor, that I must believe in God to be considered a part of the paranormal brotherhood? When those in the paranormal always boosts themselves that they're free-thinkers? It's an oxymoron. It doesn't make sense to be considered a free-thinker with your palms open to embrace them, but yet flip that hand, and smack them because they don't believe in something you do. You're not a free-thinker - you just think you are.

You're not helping spread the good word of God by making us feel like prisoners in our own body. Where we can not express ourselves and tell our sides of the story. You need to realize that not everyone is like you and need to stop hating those who are different than you. You believe in what you want to and we have every right not to believe in it. Stop pressuring people. Stop threatening people with damnation if they're naysayers and maybe somewhere down the line, that naysayer, that non-believer that you didn't ridicule may pick up a bible and decided it sounds good to them. Why? Because there was no pressure and there was no hate.

They need to take a moment and ask themselves this question: do you really believe in God? Do you love Him? Or are you just afraid of what a book tells you may happen if you step out of line? If you believe in what happens in books come true, by that logic the Battle of Hogwarts would've happened in 1998.

I'm not saying that you're a bad person for believing in God. I wish you would grant me the same benefit and not treat me like a leper. Because I'm not a bad person. I'm not one of those atheists who insult everyone who praises God. I don't even consider myself an atheist, because I don't like how they handle things. Plus, I believe it is best to be an individual and follow yourself. I let you do your thing without prejudice. People who think differently than you are not bad people. Stop making them feel that way. Because if you want to spread the word of God and Jesus Christ, then you can't force people. You can't make people feel bad. Because they will resent you even more. I know there are a lot of great people who believe in God. It just sucks that those who don't have to walk on egg shells over the fear of losing good friends.

We all have different morals and different ways of thinking. I believe that if you do not know someone or have not been in their shoes, you have no right to judge. Whatsoever. You don't know the reasons why I don't believe in a magical man in the clouds. Besides that, I don't look at it as a requirement to believe in a God.

But I can't tell people this, because God is such a touchy subject. Even in a hobby full of "free-thinkers." This is another reason why I am somewhat-kind of-not totally out of the paranormal game, because people are so phony in this field. You have those who think they are scientists when they don't know the difference between EMF and EMP. Then you have those who have maybe been on one or two ghost hunting shows and suddenly THEY THINK they're celebrities. Then you have those cynical jackasses who use gimmicks to take money from ignorant people (you can either pick mediums who charge way too much or the doofus' behind those naked ghost hunts).

Fact is, the paranormal is not a brotherhood. They constantly lie to each other, talk behind each others backs, and take themselves way too seriously. They shun those who disagree with them and love those who kiss their asses and brown nose them unmercifully.

Pretty soon, if you're smart enough, you will realize that it's best to be yourself, try new things, be with a team that accepts your opinions and doesn't take you for granted. You will realize that it's best to stick to yourself and not seek help from those will try to find their own gain out of helping you. But until then, you can keep on circling every orb in a picture that you can find and say a blob in a picture is a spirit; wrongly assess EVPs; circle nothing in a picture and say it's a spirit; tell a client their house is haunted when you actually don't know, because you let your Ghostbusters toys do the talking for you; and keep giving this field a bad name. But you will always be a part of the paranormal brotherhood unless you say these three little words:




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