Monday, January 26, 2015

Annoying Things About the Paranormal with James Paradie: Lights Out

Who made up this rule that is etched in stone that spirits only show themselves when the lights are off? Who? Who, I say?! Oh. The people on television. Look. I know it's easy to look up to the guys on Ghost Adventures and for you poor people who look up to the people on Ghost Hunters, but just because they do it, doesn't mean you have to do it. 

The great thing about being your own team is that you make the rules. Paranormal investigating is an everlasting learning experience that as soon as you learn the answers, the questions are changed. My meaning of that is that the Paranormal Investigating Rule Book, if there is a such thing (Chad Stambaugh will probably write it!), is a consistently changing book. New theories come and they're already considered old and not true in no time. New technology comes and within a few months they have something new and better out. 

To me the whole lights out thing is just a prop. Something that people do just because they see others doing it on TV. That's just for show. They're doing it, because everything is scarier when it's dark out. It's an old horror cliche and people are falling for it. Have I ever done an investigation in the light? No. Then again, I'm not the leader of the group either. I would make a suggestion to try it though. 

I don't think spirits are only accustomed to coming out when it's dark. I think they'll make their presence known when they want to, not what's written by television producers to make things scarier. Drop the props and make your own rules. You may find luck doing it that way. 


This was a short one, then again there wasn't really much to go on. I do apologize if this "got to" some people, because I know some people swear by what they do on TV and I guess that's fine. Everyone needs someone to look up to and it's easy to look upon those who are on TV. But I think we don't necessarily need to rely on them and I think the best thing people can do is do what they feel is best during an investigation. But that's just me, I suppose. 

Anyways, the reason for this section was that I am welcoming new ideas to Annoying Things About the Paranormal. If you have any suggestions, don't be shy, let me know. 

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