Monday, August 4, 2014

Annoying Things About the Paranormal: Paranormal Nazis

Last time I talked about how some investigators abuse the power of Facebook for just likes or whatever. Thankfully it got a decent response from the readers and I'm happy with that. For now on, if you're adding me just to get me to like your page, you're gone and so is your link.

That was last time though, here's this time. This time is a subject that may be a little sensitive for some. You have your reasons, but I'm going to talk about mine.

The subject matter of today is a group that only has these type of people or those type of people and how it can affect peoples view on you. Because we've all been invited or bumped into some group that only allows, say, gay people or an all female ghost hunters, etc.

To be quite honest, if I get invited to those groups, or someone from one of those groups adds me as a friend, I delete them. It's not for me. These are the same people who moan about equality (and rightfully so, don't get me wrong), but yet they don't allow anyone else in their group? Sorry for speaking bluntly, but are you fucking kidding me?

I'm going to veer off the paranormal subject here for a brief moment. Trust me, I'm not homophobic, a bigot, sexist, or whatever. I just call a foul when I see one and I always have. I have friends who are ultra-liberal, that no minority or no group of people (that fit their 'give mercy' bill) can do no harm, and if I feel strongly enough I will tell them what they think is bullshit. Sometimes. Not all the time. Sometimes I just let people have their own opinion, voice it, and move along.

But since the paranormal is my providence and a subject that I enjoy to write about, I think someone needs to talk about this. Why is it wrong? Isn't it obvious?

Say someone wants to join and they're great at what they do. Let it be a medium, an EVP expert, whatever. They want to join. You ask them, "Are you gay?" "No." "Sorry, you have to be gay to join this group." You're going to make him/her feel like crap and you may not care, but the people that person tells about your group may. Do you want THAT over your head? Negative publicity may be still publicity, but most people who hear about it are not going to use your group.

It's the same thing with an all female group. Same thing and I'm not going to repeat it. People are not going to look down on you because you're gay, female, male, blah, blah, blah. It's because you have unnecessary restrictions.

Lets reverse it now. Say if you wanted to join the group and a group says, no. Well, if you're gay (they're homophobic!), if you're black (they're racist!), if you're a lady (they're sexists!), and so on and so on. It's wrong right? So you shouldn't be doing the same thing!

Doing the same thing just because you can get away with it, that still doesn't mean they're not going to look down on you - they are! Because you're very one-sided. You only want certain people in your group and everyone else is shit, because they don't fit the bill. You know who else did the same thing?

This motherfucker. 

And before you say, "I'm nothing like Hitler. I didn't slaughter a bunch of ---" I know that, jackass. I'm trying to make a point that have only certain people in a group can be frowned upon. 

As said before, you have your reasons, I have my reasons to object. And maybe you will read this and think you're still right and that's fine. But they're plenty of people who will agree with me. You need diversity in your group. 

And especially when in today's world diversity is preached, the practitioners should practice what they preach. Equality in paranormal - It's not a bad thing ...

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