Saturday, September 6, 2014

Annoying Things About the Paranormal: Don't Be a Glenn

Ah, haven't done one of these in a while. I missed bitching about the freaking idiots who hard working paranormal investigators/enthusiasts have to deal with all the time and it isn't even those irritating, narcissistic TAPS fans either. I'm just kidding! People who wear those TAPS things that say, "We're a proud member of the TAPS family" are charming people who would NEVER gloat about being a family member of a group that hasn't been relevant since 2006. Oh, send me your hate letters you whine babies! :D (see, this smile means I'm kidding. Do remember, cause I won't say it again. I forget a lot!)

Today's subject is about a man who couldn't stay on topic and decided to rudely interrupt me. So, guess what? I told him I was going to write a lengthy, mean blog about him! ... Wow, that sounds so pathetic. But no, honestly, this is very important if you want to make friends with the paranormal community. Yes, whether you like it or not, Scared Sheetless IS a part of the paranormal community.

Our true story and subject manner of this Annoying Habits blog, takes place on the night of September 4th and the morning of the 5th. It was a fine morning, except for my damn Wi-Fi internet decided to act like the Obamacare site ... Not funny anymore? Shit. I'm always a few months late with jokes. Anywhoozle, I posted one of my charming bitching status about conspiracy theorists being the worst damn people on Facebook. Granted, I'm sure there's worse, but for right now, they're the worst I'VE seen. And people were replying, having fun poking fun at the people who suffer from 'mindless sheep syndrome' (Now, Chad, this is a test to see if you read my stuff, so I will be waiting! By the way, for those who don't know who Chad is, you're probably new to the site. Chad has written a lot of articles for Scared Sheetless and I highly recommend you check them out ... after you've read this.) So, things are going good until this one guy decides to post his 'spirit photography.' A couple were like, "Da frig, man? Why are you being rude? By the way, your picture is a bunch of hogwash!" Did they say it exactly like this? No. But pretty much what they said. Now I'm in bed at this moment, so I have no idea that this Glenn guy is being a JERK! I get online in the morning and I'm appalled, yes appalled, to see this guy rudely interrupting our conversation, plugging his shit.

Then he starts insulting people who weren't even talking about him in the first place. There was Christine Lynn, who has always been a big supporter of Scared Sheetless, and always has time to talk about things. She was referring to what I said, but Glenn took it as an insult towards him, because ... well, the guy is a douche.

My rule of thumb is to be nice to someone first and then if they reply in a negative manner, then the gloves are off. So I reply to Glenn, asking him to stay on subject, and that is rude to reply to someones status just to plug their own paranormal stuff. What does Glenn do? His reply to me went something like this: "Oh! You need to re-read your blog, man, before you say what you just said!" Okay, it was something like that. At the time, I didn't know what you meant. Then I thought, oh, my blog has do with the paranormal (aside from the video games, blogs that have nothing to do with the paranormal, and Titanic Facts - but it is MOSTLY about the paranormal). So does that mean I can't talk about other things that have nothing to do with the paranormal? I don't think so.

Here's the thing: if Glenn was to be nice and apologize, I wouldn't make him my subject point in this. The other thing is, if I said, "Bringeth to thy attention, your paranormal evidence," cause I would totally do it in a royal English accent. Then it would be fine. But no. He couldn't do that. Because he's all about him and his grill that supposedly has a demon in it. I'm not making this crap up. I would post a picture of the conversation (which is still up on my Facebook for those who are friends), but I feel obligated to protect the innocent and stupid. That's why I didn't post Glenn's last name.

So, young paranormal investigators and enthusiasts, please do NOT plug your stuff on someones status who has NOTHING to do with the paranormal. You will not make friends that way. Your best option is to find those who are asking for peoples evidence or post it and ask for opinions. That's what respectful people do. Don't be a Glenn.

Also, if Glenn so happens to read this, then I want to let him know: Right now I don't like you very much. If you were to message me and apologize, we will be fine. Hell, I'll probably even delete this or at least your name. I'm actually an easy going guy, just I'm kind of a loose cannon sometimes. But if you want to be a douche, then well, I'm sorry. I have a strict, "Don't be friends with douches" policy.

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  1. Yes, I read your stuff my man. And did you say he's got a demon in his grill?!! Are you serious?!!! WTF!!!!!


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