Monday, March 27, 2017

Video of the Day with James Paradie: Door Slamming in Morgue in Brazil

I was browsing on various paranormal pages one day when I bumped into this video that you're about to see. Simple really. It's just a red box with the door slamming shut, opening, slamming shut, but all on its "own." I put own in quotations ... just in case. But first, a story behind the door slamming.

According to, the video has been making its rounds and what it is is two police officers in Brazil are checking out a loud noise coming from the morgue ... of all places, right? The video starts off with a bang, literally, with a good sized metal door slamming shut and opening again, repeat, repeat, repeat ... on its "own." On top of that, a light fixture is flickering on and off and then once they get close to the door, it stops slamming, the lights go out for a second, and that's it. Check it out.

What do I think? I think it's a hoax. Like so many of the comments say on their Facebook, it's just too convenient that the light shuts off just as they reach the door. This gives them enough time to disassemble anything they were using - probably a wire. Is it creepy? Sure. But I think it's fake.

What do you think?


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