Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Annoying Things About the Paranormal: Fire Demons!

I remember my first Annoying Things being about Circle Crazies. It's a term I coined for people who put circles everywhere that are supposedly "spirits." This is something like that. 

Example of what I'm talking about today: 

For some folks, they're going to say, "I can totally see that figure! Oh, my God! Put out the fire! There's a demon coming out!" I can see the "figure" you circled, yes. But every rational person, not just in the paranormal, but a person who doesn't fall for stuff like this, they will know your eyes are playing tricks on you. There is no demon in your photo. I'm sorry. What you have is a simple, harmless (unless you touch it or it gets out of control) fire. The only evil in your photography is you're not cooking s'mores or hot dogs. 

Unless you're a young and amateur investigator, there is no excuse to believe in this so-called fire demon phenomena. You can fool some people and hell, you've probably fooled yourself, into believing this crap, but there is no demon. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. You can stand there all night snapping pictures and you will find more "figures" in the fire. I'm sure you did do that, didn't you?  

I hate to be blunt, but this stupid crap is what makes everyone in the paranormal look like complete fools to outsiders. The fact that people believe this to be true and the fact that people can trick people is even sadder. Yes, people believe this, just like people believe all orbs are spirits. You're making yourself into a farce and not a respected figure in the paranormal. I know I'm not a respected figure, but that's because I tell people when they're wrong. And sure I could be wrong too, but the paranormal is going to stay stagnate unless we get real about it. Stuff like this isn't real. Sorry to break it to you. 

Logical thinking is something the paranormal needs. People got to stop jumping to conclusions to every bump in the night. There are no demons in your fire, there are no spirits in your cigarette smoke, stop. 




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