Friday, August 8, 2014

Annoying Things About the Paranormal: Why So Serious?

Okay, you caught me. The subtitle is totally a line said by Heath Ledger's Joker in the incredible movie, The Dark Knight. Lets move on.

I'm going to post a set of photos and I want you to tell me what is wrong with them.

I got this from Jeff's Facebook (with permission), so I figured it was okay to leave his name in this. The other person, who I do have on my Facebook, is the example of the subject I want to talk about in this blog. 

This blog is all about those in the paranormal field who are uber sensitive. The ones that if it's an opposing question, then you might as well just f off, cause you ain't getting an answer. 

I get sick of saying this person (the person's name I blocked out in the pictures above), so I'm going to name them Bob. Bob here shows a resistance to answer Jeff's question. Why? You're a paranormal investigator, you should be used to questions like this by now. It's not like he said, "you're a fluke to this field of science and you're a poop face!" Jeff wasn't crass about his question. What he observed in your picture was something that didn't seem right. Now, according to Jeff, your picture was too blurry to make anything out. That's nothing to be offended about, he's just letting you know that maybe others will have trouble seeing what you see. 

Then again, with a blurry picture you're going to see things anyways that may resemble something that's not there. It's all a part of the blurry illusion. Maybe that's why you saw so many "ghosts." 

The other aspect of this is that Bob needs to mature the hell up. You're not going to make friends being like that. The best friend you can have is a friend who wants you to be better, who wants you to reach your goals and your potential. A lousy friend is one who tells you constantly that everything about you is great. Come on, we're human beings, we all have flaws. Bob's flaw is not having a thick skin. Now there was a time not too long ago when I would have been in the same boat as Bob: taking everything seriously, accusing someone of being a jerk off when they were simply making an observation. Finally, and thankfully, I smartened up. I still have some work to do on my thick skin, but I think I'm getting better. This would be beneficial for Bob and others in the paranormal like Bob everywhere. 

Also, some may think I'm trying to be mean and pass judgement on Bob - I'm not. I'm telling him that he needs to chill out. That's what a good person does. A bad person doesn't say a word and lets Bob make a fool out of himself. We all have our bad days and obviously Bob is having one right now. If I was really being a jerk towards Bob, I would have NOT scratched his name out and left his name and picture for the whole world to see, but I'm not going to do that. Bob isn't the enemy. Bob needs to work on his chillaxing and learn to take some criticism. If Jeff was to call him a stupid freaking idiot, then I'd be writing about Jeff and Jeff would be called Bob. But that isn't the case. 

Bob isn't the only one who needs a lesson in taking constructive criticism. Someone passed this screen cap to me earlier today that echoed what happened to Jeff. The names of the accused have been etched out. 

I kept the EG PI group in, because they did make the claim after all. I don't need anyone coming to me and saying I'm taking sides, so that's why I take names of the accused out. 

But there you go. Another example of a group that can't take criticism. If EG was a prick about it and called the group doofuses, then sure, that's not being mature. But I don't know the complete story, but again, another example of what is WRONG with the paranormal. 

You're doing something that not everyone agrees with. I've had people tell me I'm just opening doors for Satan to come in and I'm bond to Hell. I've had people laugh in my face when I tell them I believe in spirits. I've had some call me an idiot under their breath. And you know what? They're wrong. Are they wrong to have an opinion? Absolutely not. Are they wrong to be cruel with their opinions? Absolutely. If someone tells you, for example, "your picture is too blurry. How can you make anything out?" Breathe and be mature about your response. You don't have to agree with that person just to make face. But an objective response doesn't need to be a negative one.

And please ... 


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