Monday, June 13, 2016

The Paranormal Guide Presents: Paranormal Photos Fact or Fiction - Fanham Wood Mill Ghost

This photo, taken in early January, 1929, shows the top of the inner staircase at the Fanham Wood Mill in the United States. Builder, Robert Walsh, took the photo as he was renovating the stairs and he did not see, hear or feel anything out of the ordinary, though he believed his dog was acting a liitle strange at the time. 

Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

Cropped version of original image

An Old Photograph

Many people believe that this photo shows a woman on the staircase, hand on the railing. Her dress is quite easily discernible within the light.

When the photograph was taken in 1929, the photographer, Robert D. Walsh, did not feel anything or notice anything strange at the time. 

He took the photo as he was renovating the old inner staircase at the mill and needed something he could refer to while carrying out his work off site. However he did note that his dog was acting a little strangely in the vicinity of the staircase that afternoon.

Walsh and his dog were the only people on site that afternoon.

Work continued on the mill several weeks later but still nothing out of the ordinary was reported.

Contrast added to bring out the details

Like many older photos that make a claim for capturing the paranormal, this one has quite a few discrepancies, most major of which is the location it was taken. There seems to be a dispute of whether the Fanham Wood Mill (some places spelling it 'Farnham') is located in the United States or the United Kingdom. 

Whilst looking at many different sites that show this picture, most of them state that it is the US where this photo originates.

What do you think?
Does this photo show some sort of ghostly figure that explains Mr Walsh's dog acting strange?
Or is it somehow a light anomaly?
Or do you think it is a set up, a complete fake?
Something else entirely?
Fact or Fiction, you decide!

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