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Do you write blogs about the paranormal and just want your voice to be heard? Do you want to blog, but don't want the responsibility of operating a blog? I have some openings that some of you might be interested in. Scared Sheetless receives about 500 - 700 views a day (as long as I keep it updated). Think of it at that many eyes looking at your work. This would also be a great tool if you have a website of your own, looking for more traffic. Because of course you can plug your website in your articles.

PLEASE NOTE: I can not pay anyone for writing here.

If you're interested, please send a sample(s) of your work to jparadie(at)hotmail(dot)com

Ideas for You: 

Paranormal/Horror Movie Reviews
About: You can call it whatever you want, but if you love doing reviews on paranormal movies (such as the Paranormal Activity series or Amityville Horror, for example) then this might be for you! It can be past movies, current movies, or upcoming movies.

About: Due to that I am taking a break from writing paranormal articles/blogs, this position is now open. Scared Sheetless has a great contributor selection, but I'm always looking for more. I am looking for more material, which will also bring more diversity to this site.

About: I am interested in having some guest mediums come on this site and talk about what its like to be one. What is it like to be able to see and talk to spirits, whereas others who can't, and to tell them how they could open themselves up a little more to them. But basically you can talk about whatever you like as long as it has to do with being a medium.

Ghost Shows Review:
About: I tried to do this with my Ghost Adventures Review, where I would basically write a review of everything that went on with the show. I was going to start off with going with the first season all the way to, I think it was about 2010 when I was doing this. But I figured I'd let someone else do it (and no, you don't have to go all the way back, if you don't want to). You can do any ghost show of your choosing!
Interested?: Email me a three paragraph article, with information on what show and episode you're doing.

Paranormal Gadgets Review:
About: Pretty self explanatory here, folks. Just write a review on a piece of equipment you own or tried out. Can be anything from K-2 Meter to a Ghost Box or DVR Equipment.

Short Story Writer? This section is for you! 

New Feature ... Starring You! (Fictional Stories Wanted)

I just went Universal Studios Orlando on you by doing that (by the way, its Disaster ... Starring You! reference for those who want to know). Anyways, I've been interested in bringing in more new features on this website. One new feature I really want to do is having other writers/bloggers/journalists, etc. come on here as featured guests on Scared Sheetless. Here's how it works...

I'm always looking for readers to submit their stories of how they got into the paranormal, it can either be their first experience; an investigation; or what have you. Because this field and all the respectful people in it are not going to get any respect or redemption for the naysayers if we just lay in isolation. But on the same token, I can understand if you want to share your story, yet remain anonymous. So send me a story and if you want your name removed, then that's fine.

Here's a quick Q and A:

What kind of story are you looking for?
It has to do with the paranormal: ghosts, aliens, bigfoot. I'm also a huge fan of psychological thrillers that mess with the readers minds. If its scary - I want it! To put it bluntly. But it doesn't have to be a horror. It can be a comedy for all that matters, it just has to pertain to the paranormal. This site is Scared Sheetless after all.

If I submit my story, does it belong to Scared Sheetless?
Nope. It's your work; you put the effort into it; it's totally yours. I'm just giving you a place to show off your talents. That and I have no clue how to do copyrights anyways!

Word count?
It can actually be as long as it wants. The only thing is if its a long story, then I will have to cut it down into segments. If you have a story like that then I would like to do it as if its like a show. "Tune in next Tuesday for Chapter 2!" Or what have you.

Can I post material I have published elsewhere?
That's a thin line, I believe. I know some self-publishing companies don't care if you do, but for right now I'll say no.

I don't want to submit my entire story, but I would like to have a sample on your site. Is that fine?
By all means it is fine! You got to get your name out somehow. Unless you're already a well known name, then by all means.

Do you edit my mistakes?
By no means am I a editor or a proofreader, so no. The only way I would reject your submitted story is if the grammar is unreadable. Use Microsoft Word or Office, there good programs for finding your mistakes.

What's your rating? *Let's go with movie ratings*
I like to keep Scared Sheetless PG-13. But for the sake of this feature - I'll let it slide. That doesn't mean I want a million F bombs or sex sequences everywhere though! I do have parents who say their kids go on this website. I'll just put a warning before your story begins if its mature content. It's up to the parents to make sure what their kids are viewing or reading anyways. Unless I get a lot of complaints then I'll have to tone it down, but until then, bring it on!

I have a zombie story I would like to post on this site. Is that okay?
Sure! I mean, zombies are not really paranormal, but they are scary.

How about FanFiction?
Fan Fiction is welcomed, as long as it has a warning at the beginning that says that you don't own the characters and put the respective owners on it. For example: Say you are submitting a Ghostbusters FanFiction on here (it was the first ghost movie that came to mind), then you put down, "I do not own the characters. Harold Ramis and Dan Akyroyd are the respective creators as well as Sony Pictures." It's pretty easy.

Can I, at anytime, request for my material to be taken off?
Of course. Just send me an email requesting it.

Will my material be removed?
It will stay on the site for as long as you'd like or if Scared Sheetless was to ever "close." The only way your material will be removed is if we got a lot of complaints or you ask for it to removed.

Can I make edits to an already submitted story?
Of course. Just let me know where.

Will you have contests?
I would love to have contests for like book of the month or year. That would be great. Healthy competition is not a bad thing. It drives you to up your game. The only way I would have contests is if I get a lot of stories. If I got, say, five stories in one month then we could do a contest.

Well folks, I think that's all I have right now. Unless you have a question. If you do shoot me an email.

Got an idea that's not here? I'm always up for suggestions! Just email me at jparadie(at)hotmail(dot)com.

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