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These are the wonderful men and women who contribute to Scared Sheetless. They are some of, in my mind, the most brilliant minds in the paranormal. The great thing is, they tell you like it is, and they are not all about the smoke and mirrors like other "columnists" and bloggers. No smoke up your ass with these guys. Thank you to those who contribute and I'm looking forward to seeing more brilliant minds come to this blog. Could be you!


Chad Stambaugh

Chad Stambaugh, pictured above in the stylish hat, has been contributing to SS for the longest. Since May 2013. However, since his debut, he has contributed a vast amount of articles. Want to see them all? Put in "Chad Stambaugh" on the search bar in the upper left hand corner. 

Chad, or as Scared calls him, the Professor of the Paranormal, is an author, a podcast host, a lecturer, and a man who wears hats like that. I'm a fan of outlaw cowboy hats myself. 


Website: Ghost Flames!? 

Years Active on Scared Sheetless: 2013 - Current

Books by Chad: 

(Coming Soon!)

Chris Chaos

Chris started contributing articles to this blog in February of 2015. He is an author, a filmmaker, and has worked with David Brockie of the kick ass band, GWAR (hey, that's an achievement to me!) Scared Sheetless isn't his only distributor for his paranormal knowledge either. He is also a contributor for various paranormal blogs, such as, but not limited to: Who Forted? and All About Occult. We hope he makes Scared Sheetless another one of his many homes. Like a timeshare, but you don't have to worry about what the previous couple did in your bed. 


Website: All Things Weird 

Years Active on Scared Sheetless: 2015 - Current

Chris' Article Archives

Books by Chris: 

SpookyLady InSanDiego 

SpookyLady, or Spooks (what I call her) has been a Scared Sheetless follower for a while and didn't even ask to write for her ... I did. I know, I'm so pathetic that I'm asking random people to write for me. Do ... do you want to write for me? Please! No seriously, much like the other contributors here, Spooks has quite the resume: she has been into the paranormal since she can remember; she has written for the Associated Press and All About Occult. She started her own website in 2005 and now she's here! 

Website: Haunted San Diego 

Spooks Article Archives 

Years Active on Scared Sheetless: 2015 - Current

Lily Verlaine

Someone should probably take a mirror and see if she's still breathing ...

Who is Lily Verlaine? Lily actually emailed me, saying she is a fan of Scared Sheetless and immediately I asked if she's had a CT scan recently. But let's have Lily explain who she is, shall we? 

I saw my first ghost at the age of eleven, the start of many, that was the age when my mother first saw hers! Both my mother and father had the ability to see ghosts, in my father’s case that is kind of shocking, I always believed only sensitive people saw them, but my father saw apparitions in my grandparents house and seemed to suffer the most from the house we lived in, in Rusholme Manchester. He also saw a famous Lancashire ghost one night in the early house of the morning stood in the middle of the road, all accounts are included in the book My Haunted Life. 

Most days I see one of our resident apparitions, or hear the poltergeist. It’s commonplace! 

I love to blog about the paranormal, macabre or damn right weird. I love Pinterest and you can only guess the types of boards I have on there! 


This section is for those who used to contribute to Scared Sheetless, but for some reason or other, do not anymore. I wish them all well and they will always be apart of the Scared Sheetless family. They're always welcomed back.


Jennifer Scelsi

Jennifer Scelsi was the second longest contributor to this blog (that title now belongs to Chris Chaos). She is a Physical Psychic Medium, meaning she can sic ghosts on you if you're an idiot. ... I really don't know if Mediums can do that. I would if I was one. Anyway, she is a member of the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society and much like the others above, has years and years of experience dealing with things that go bump in the night. 

Years Active on Scared Sheetless: 2014 - 2015

Jennifer's Article Archives

Cindie Harper  

What can I say? I like a woman in leather. 

Cindie Harper, better known as FemmeForce, is much like Chad in she knows more about the paranormal than Scared. That's not saying much. Roger Rabbit knows more about the paranormal than Scared. (Nah! I'm not that bad. Am I?) She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, tests new paranormal equipment, and has an extensive knowledge of the paranormal. She embraces the unknown like a cuddly, scary monster. 

Years Active on Scared: 2015

Cindie's Article Archive


Want to join the cool kids above? All I do is ask for a sample of your work and you could become a contributor that day. Just send me a sample or a complete work to my email at jparadie[at]hotmai[dot]com. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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