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Cobweb and Stripes Review with James Paradie - Chapter 13 - Extraordinary Girl

What's going on Beetlejuice fans? It's me with another review of Cobweb and Stripes! Woooo! Right? 

You like it. (I tried finding a .gif of it, but this is the best I could do. And yes, I know she actually says, "HE likes it.")

The Story/Review

We start off with Beetlejuice looking for Lydia, but she's not in her room or her house. Where can she be? The cemetery taking pictures of ravens. Beetlejuice photobombs one. He asks what she is doing and she basically says with a camera out, you'd think he'd put 2 and 2 together. Beej makes the comment that she is taking pictures at a graveyard, which makes her "seriously fucked up." Lydia says, "Pot ... kettle." She is right, you know. Besides, she likes to go to the cemetery, because the dead stays quiet. Beetlejuice decides to prove her wrong by instigating someones grave, to which the ghost tells Beetlejuice to keep his hands to himself. Lydia asks what did he need her for? 

Bored. He asks if those "losers", to whom I presume are the Maitlands, still come around to see her. Lydia says, "no" sadly. He says that's typical. They arranged their own nest and abandoned her. Why would she need them anyway? She has him, so "fuck it." 

Speaking of which, he wants to know if she ever thought about their little arrangement. She says, not now. Not in Winter River. Okay, so now the mystery of is it Winter River or Peaceful Pines is solved! Besides, in a month she'll be out of town for her studies. She'll think about it then. Beej seems fine with it, saying he has time in abundance. 

Lydia takes a surprise photo of the ghost with the most, but Beetlejuice is camera shy apparently. Telling her no photos. She says, what does he care? She has pictures of the Maitlands and Jacques. He reluctantly agrees, but only if it's one. She tells him to keep smoking. Beetlejuice actually seems worried someone might see it. Interesting. 

She then tells him to take off his clothes ... Oh, no. It's an erotic Beetlejuice fan fiction! Of course, I'm kidding. 

She asks if that was so bad. "It was terrible. Never again." Got a good chuckle out of me. 

See, even though this an adaption, it's one done right. Although I would say Ada's version of Beetlejuice is more cynical than the movie or cartoon counterparts, I can still picture Beetlejuice acting like this and that's great. There's no contrast. There's no emo Beetlejuice. And thank whoever this is no Urban Beetlejuice. Seriously. Look it up. Apparently one of Warner Brothers "brilliant" ideas was basically Beetlejuice N Da Hood. Thank fuck that didn't happen (that does deserve an F bomb.) 

And that's it. 

What did I think?

I really like how Ada makes Lydia look in this chapter. She's really finding that perfect comic version of Lydia. For a while, I wasn't too keen on her look; it was decent at best, but I always felt she could look better. But here she looks almost flawless. And of course, I've always liked her version of Beetlejuice or as I call him "Bigby" Beetlejuice. For some reason he reminds me of Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us. I know I've mentioned that a long time ago, but I'm bringing it up again. 

Come on. It's there a little bit, at least. Isn't it? Granted, I may have not picked the best comparison pictures. I think even Ada agreed that they did have somewhat a resemblance. Now that I think of it. Wouldn't it be cool if Beetlejuice was the sheriff of the Neitherworld? Like Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown. See, Ada. I just gave you new storylines for months! I'm kidding, of course. 

I think what impressed me the most of this chapter was the visuals. Not saying the story wasn't great. It's building up to something bigger. I looked at the next chapter and it's huge! Definitely going to be splitting that one up. Which is why I didn't do a double review like I have been for the past three weeks with C n S comics. 

I thought it was interesting how Beetlejuice hates his picture taken. Maybe it's a ghost thing? Or maybe he's following a rule that ghosts can't be photographed? I doubt the latter, considering Beej seems like a screw rules type of guy. 

But yeah, nothing to criticize. I enjoyed it and that's that. 

I joked with Ada on Saturday saying I am going to have to start making things up just so fans of that other Beetlejuice comic I review don't accuse me of favoritism. But the thing is, I really enjoy C n S. It doesn't go down the typical Beetlejuice fan fiction route and even if it did, I think Ada is smart enough not to be cliche and do all the things that have been done to death before. Something other fan fiction writers can learn from. You can have an adaption, but still need to respect the source material. It's not YOURS after all. 

Anyway, I look forward to reading the next chapter. It's going to be a big one! ... -Mind in the gutter!- 


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