Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cobweb and Stripes Review with James Paradie: Chapter 5 - Show me how you do that trick

The story: It's Halloween and Beetlejuice decides to tag along with Lydia as Betty Juice, but changes his appearance once they're out of sight of Lydia's dad. Lydia asks how does Beetlejuice do it; change forms. I'll let the strip below explain it: 

Props to the artist. That is the cutest kitty I've seen in a comic strip. Ever. Of all time.

Beetlejuice tells her (in a later page) that he can change forms and sometimes can hold the form for a very long time. He told her once he stayed in disguise for over thirteen years as a highly attractive woman for "new experiences" reasons. "New experiences," huh? -wink wink- Anyway, Beetlejuice spots a friend, who is none other than Jacques from the cartoon! Yep. Our very first cartoon reference (minus Betty Juice's quick cameo earlier). Jacques tells Lydia how Beetlejuice got in this predicament: he punched Vince Prince, because Vince was going to tear down his favorite pub. Sure, that deserves a beating! Beetlejuice asks the fitness skeleton to do something about it and soon after Jacques vanishes to attend to his friend's request. After that, we bump into our fourth character from the cartoon (in one chapter, by the way!) and ... I'll leave it up to you to check it out. 

My Review: 

I absolutely loved this chapter. The artist is really starting to find that mold that works for all the characters. The references to the cartoon, as well as another Tim Burton property (I'm not telling!), were great! I found Beetlejuice's explanation of how ghosts can transform themselves into different beings very interesting. We now find out why Beetlejuice is shackled to Lydia, because of Vince Prince (note to self: don't threaten to tear down Beetlejuice's favorite pub ... or any drunk for that matter). Seeing how the artist is going to portray Vince should be intriguing as, personally, I HATED Vince in the cartoon. Too whiny and emo for me; hmm? Kind of like how every other Beetlejuice fanfiction portrays Beetlejuice. Lydia looks very cute as the Bride of Frankenstein. I spent like ten minutes looking at the kitty and going, "AWWWW!" Both times I read this chapter, I, uh, did that. 

Final Thoughts: 

Since I'm re-reading these chapters for this review, this is my favorite chapter so far. But there's a lot more to come and I can't wait to review Chapter 6! 

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