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Haunted Places with James Paradie: Sise Inn - Portsmouth, NH

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire is the Sise Inn. A quaint little bed and breakfast, but there's more than that. There always is when it comes to haunted inns. 

The Sise Inn was originally a mansion, built by John Sise for his family in 1881. He lived happily there with his wife, Lucy, and daughter, Mabel, until the 1930's when the property was sold and used as various businesses. In the 1950's, it was used as a half way house for the mentally ill. This would be when people started noticing some strange occurrences. However, let's play skeptic here, it was a house for the mentally-ill. But it wasn't just the mentally-ill who may have noticed some hauntings going about in this eventual inn. 

In 1986, the former Sise household was renovated, as tribute to the original owners, it was named the Sise Inn. The inn had a vintage, Victorian feel to it with antiques spread to every room. They were open for business and with the volume of new faces coming and going, the activity from certain guests also risen. 

The Guests Who Refuse to Check Out 

From my research it seems that there are no real malicious haunted happenings at the Sise Inn, but here are some things that have been reported: 

- There are spirits who do the usual opening and closing doors, but also like to lock and unlock them as well. 

- They play with the elevator. Depending on when these spirits died, it seems logical they would be fascinated by technology that wasn't present during their era. The elevator will go up and down, open and close with nobody inside to operate the buttons.

- They do not make good guests, however. They enjoy throwing ice across guests room, levitating objects, which scares some guests enough to change rooms. 

- A rocking chair rocks by itself. No mention on if they ever checked to see if there's a draft in that one particular area. It is in an old house after all. 

- Women guests should take heed as some have reported their bottoms being grabbed as well their hips. Some "lucky" ladies have even reported a ghost lying in bed with them. Old habits die hard. 

- The key to Room 204 constantly goes missing and when it's present, it doesn't work. One night, the manager had to use an emergency key and when that did not work, was forced to call a locksmith at 4 in the morning, because all rooms were occupied. The locksmith opened the door without a hitch. Maybe the spirit who was in there wanted a little privacy? 

Although the Sise Inn is considered very haunted, the spirits are known to be more annoying, fun-loving, than harmful. The Sise Inn is still open, so maybe a stay is in your future? 

If you've had any ghostly experiences at the Sise Inn, please tell me about it. Either email me at jparadie(at)hotmail(dot)com or send me a message at the Scared Sheetless Facebook page

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