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Cobweb and Stripes Review with James Paradie: Chapter 6 - Sing me to sleep

The story: It's a stormy night in Winter River, or is it Peaceful Pines in the Cobweb and Stripes universe? Why did the cartoon ever change the name in the first place? I could never understand that. Oh, right. Rambling. Lydia is sobbing and Beetlejuice asks what's wrong and she says that she feels indifferent of being alone. Everyone always abandons her. After failing to make a funny as Betty Juice, Beetlejuice decides to go the more direct approach. I'll let the two pages below explain it better than I ever could. 

"Whoa." I know!

Beetlejuice seems to know a lot about being abandoned. After the serious speech, which was awkward in itself, because ... well, it's Beetlejuice, he says that it's not that bad being alone. You get used to it (brother, I know that feeling all too well! -cries on the inside-) Lydia still doesn't seem content and continues to sob. After kind of shrugging off the fact that his words of wisdom didn't go well, he's surprised when Lydia embraces him - this part did get a chuckle out of me. Especially BJ's facial expressions like "Umm, okay. What did I do? Do I grab her boobs? No. Wait. That only works at Dante's and only if you slip them a 50." That's not said in the strip, but taking liberties of what Beej MAY have been thinking. 

After the hug, which ends with Beetlejuice kind of shoving her off ("enough with the lovey-dovey") and asking himself, what is happening to him, we kind of go into typical Beetlejuice fan fiction territory. HOWEVER (before CnS fans get angry) it has a different ending than what most do, so keep that in mind! They kind of tease Beetlejuice and her sleeping together and Lydia seems okay with it, even though she says, that he's probably not into her type. This is until Beetlejuice says, Wanna bet? But thus, we don't get the usual necrophiliac erotic that we see in other Beetlejuice fan fictions and he bids farewell. Lydia says, it's weird that she forgets that this punishment for Beetlejuice and Beej agrees and vanishes. 


I am very happy that the artist/writer is not going down the typical road of a Beetlejuice/Lydia love relationship. I mean, I've always been a whatever floats your boat type of person, but it's BEEN DONE TO DEATH! As I've said in other Beetlejuice related blogs, almost every Beetlejuice fan fiction ALWAYS went down that road of him and Lyds getting together and the story becomes boring. I'm sure the first few were unique, but once it's been done too many times it just becomes eye-rolling, same old same old. I'm glad the artist/writer isn't going down the typical path (as far as I know, at least.) I mean, if she does, fine. It is her story and I have no right telling her what to do, but for right now, I'm glad she's trying something different. Wooo! Sorry about that long one. When I first read this chapter back when I found the comic, I was like, "PLEASE! Don't do it!" and I was surprised that it didn't go that way. 

Anyway, since that's out of the way, I really liked this chapter. It showed Beetlejuice can be sensitive when he needs to be; unlike those other fan fictions where they make Beej a total wimp! ... I'm sorry. I know I said that's out of the way, but I mean it this time. No more picking on peoples fan fictions. But it was refreshing to see Beetlejuice actually take interests in a lady for something more than what he usually takes interest in when it comes to women; you know what I mean. 

His shyness of Lydia hugging him was humorous, but also showed that he's not used to affection, which is very sad. But then again, earlier in this chapter, he hinted that he's been down that road of abandonment, so I think there's a reason he's not used to it. 

Final Thoughts: 

Kind of a short chapter, but it still served a purpose and that is furthering the storyline that maybe them being shackled is actually more of a blessing than a curse. 

Can't wait to review Chapter 7, which will hopefully be next week! 

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