Monday, December 21, 2015

Cobweb and Stripes Review with James Paradie: Chapter 4 - We don't need no education

Great. I now have that song stuck in my head! 

What's going on, guys and gals? It's another Cobweb and Stripes review. I've been absent a couple weeks doing reviews this awesome comic, but let's get back to it. 


Another short, but harmless chapter. It shows Lydia in school, getting ready to take a test that she hasn't been able to study for because of her forced commitment to Beetlejuice. Speak of the devil, he appears on her as a bug and tells her the answer to the first question, saying he played cards with the guy (thought it was pretty funny actually). He goes around, scowering for more answers, and tells Lydia. Lydia doesn't like cheating, but like Beetlejuice says, "You won't go far if you are always self-righteous. You have to misbehave a little." Is it terrible that I actually agree with that? 

After the test, Lydia, with Beetlejuice in tow, heads home. She sends Beetlejuice away, saying "duty calls" (I think it was because she didn't want Beetlejuice looking at the goods since she was taking of her school clothes). She then remarks that it won't be so bad after all. 


Like I said, a short, but harmless chapter. I want to say pretty soon the chapters start getting longer and start developing the story a little more. I get what the author is doing, showing that this is effecting Lydia's personal life, but she's coming to grips with it. It always goes without saying that Beetlejuice seems to care for her and seems legitimately upset when Lydia sends him away. Even though the last previous chapters have been short, I feel they've at least meant something. 


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