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Cobweb and Stripes Review with James Paradie: Chapter 9 - I Don't Care & 10 - Alone

I do care, it's just the name of the chapter. 

Told you it was. 

I'm going to do things a little differently. Rather than doing an overview and then my review, I'm just going to review it while I do the overview. Just give it a try and see how it works. 

The chapter starts off with Beetlejuice and Jacques at Huck's pub. Huck throws Beej a beer and says it's on the house for being there when Huck needed him. Swell guy that Huck is. Beetlejuice says that it's the cheapest bar and Sawyer is a skinflint. First time I've ever heard of that insult. I need to try it on someone. And it's good to pick on Vince, BJ says. Yes, it is, because he's an ass.

Jacques asks, "Now what?" Beetlejuice says he has to settle some things: get back everything that was stolen from his house, which, to my recollection, hasn't been mentioned until now. Not sure if it would be worth mentioning before or not. But then there's a shocker. Check this out. 

Beetlejuice getting a job!? A job?! Wow! You just blew my mind, man! 

Beej seems pretty set on not seeing Lydia again. I do really like this, because I do think Beetlejuice would say something like this, blowing it off. It's done and over with, time to move on. Then Jacques says, "Old wounds reopened?" and Beej says, yeah. Hmmm? I wonder what that means? Did BJ have a girlfriend, wife, who reminds him of Lydia? Or is something else? Beetlejuice says he just found a cure. He throws Huck some money to pay and walks out with an "entertainer" (nice way of putting it). 

And that does it. 

What did I think? 

Although C n S does have more small chapters than big ones (like chapter 8), they still have something to talk about. Even Chapter 2, where all it was was Beetlejuice watching The Exorcist, it was character building. This is another example of small, but still big in the scale of building. We're used to seeing Beetlejuice being a destructive, foul-mouthed, perverted ghost, but here we see an actual human side. Yes, I have said in past reviews of C n S that I hate when people make Beej too emotional and I do, but what I mean by that is ALL THE TIME with no visible evidence of the character we all know and love the movie and cartoon. Him just talking can be just as entertaining as his antics. He doesn't have to be off the wall, in our face, funny all the time. He can show human moments and this is a good example of it working. 

The most shocking of all though, is Beetlejuice not pulling any pranks on Jacques. 


Because this chapter was short, I figured I'd do what I did last week and review two chapters. 

This one starts has a poem over almost the entire chapter. I won't recite the poem, but I will talk about what the strip shows us. This chapter plays off like a montage, so there is a lot of scene changes. 

We start off with Lydia transitioning from a happier goth back to her shawl over her face. Pre-Maitland Lydia seems to be back. 

We then go to graduation and wouldn't you know, there's Claire Brewster. Grrrr! -My best Claire impression- Like-uh-bitch stare! Her and Lyds give each other disdainful looks. As much as I'm suppose to hate Claire, being the main Earth antagonist of the cartoon, I can't help but to hope Ada (C n S writer/artist) has more of her in the upcoming chapters. 

Lydia stands in front of mirror and calls out to the Maitlands and then to Beetlejuice. I really liked Lydia's emotion in this page. 

We then go to a flashback of her and Beetlejuice. She asks what she can call him. He says anything but the B-word (Beetlejuice. You know, because of the whole three times thing). She then says, what about Juicey? Which Beetlejuice doesn't like ... at all. They then settle on BJ. We then go to present day where Lydia, in full pre-Maitland goth gettup, sits at the window with the end of the poem saying, "And all I loved ... I loved alone." The end.

What did I think?

-I like seeing shout outs to the cartoon, so seeing Claire was fun. 

-The poem was by Edgar Allan Poe, who technically, is another shout out to the cartoon. Poe Pourri anyone? The poem really fit with what was shown. Nice touch. 

-The "friendship building" between Lydia and Beetlejuice was nice. And I don't blame Beej for thinking Juicey is an embarrassing nickname. 

-Another short, but meaningful chapter. 

Well, that is it for another review of Cobweb and Stripes. Until next time ... 


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