Monday, November 23, 2015

Cobweb and Stripes Review with James Paradie: Chapter 3 - Mirror, mirror on the wall ...


A recap of what happened in the movie starts us off. Also, Adam and Barbara Maitland make their return to the strip telling Lydia some unfortunate news. There is literally no way to get rid of Beetlejuice, unless she dies (or he dies ... again), he fulfills his sentence, or he proves that he can behave (also impossible! He's Beetlejuice!) They tell Lydia they will seek other alternatives, but in the meantime to be smart and take advantage of the soft spot Beetlejuice has for Lydia. 

My Review: 

Much like Chapter 2, this was a short chapter. However, unlike Chapter 2, we got a little bit more of a story. Even though it was mostly a recap of what's going on, it did provide some new details. Any time there's terms and conditions to something, it makes the story that more interesting. 

We all know Beetlejuice is never going to behave, so throw that theory out.

Lydia is young, healthy with no bad habits (as far as we know), and unless there's a freak accident, could live well into old age. The other bit, Beetlejuice dying, perplexed me. For actually the right reasons, it got me interested. Ghosts can die? Now, if you read my book, Symbol of the Dead, I also have it in that universe that ghosts can die by robbing ones soul. How's it work in this comic has me interested. 

The third condition states that they will be cuffed until Beetlejuice serves his sentence. I looked back at chapter 1, didn't find anything about how long his sentence was, so again, that could be for a very long time. Knowing Beetlejuice, it may even go further than Lydia's living days. 

This makes the story more interesting that basically they will be together for a long time, whether they like it or not. I think Beetlejuice doesn't mind, sure, it's a pain in the ass to be restricted, but like Barbara said, he has a soft spot for her. Even if that soft spot meant only thing on his dirty little mind. But that could change as the story progresses and both Lydia and Beetlejuice's characters become more dynamic. I think it's going to be one of those old stories of, he wasn't such a bad guy after all. 

Final Words: 

There's nothing more to say other than I enjoyed the chapter as it gave us new details of what's going on. And what's going on is this is going to be a long journey. And I'm okay with that. All I need is one of those big industrial size bags of popcorn and let's do this! 


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