Monday, November 23, 2015

The Moment of Death by Lauren C. Cole

Having spent two years in a hospice ward, I have seen hundreds pass away. This is what I have seen: Every morning, I'd pass by seeing a dead loved one with an ailing loved one. I'd nod to them in recognition. They stare back, pretty much unresponsive to my hellos. BUT occasionally I'd get a nod or a smile back.

But they're there to get their loved one ready for death and their journey into the afterlife. About a week before the person is about to pass away, a deceased loved, ninety-five percent of the time is a parent, comes and sits bedside them, waiting to walk with them into the afterlife. They stare far off as if they can see the afterlife and their death is near. When the moment of death nears, the person, even if they have been sleeping for weeks, sits up for a moment of clarity, seen talking to the loved one who is deceased sitting right beside them. A day or two before death they lay back down, the loved one stands beside them, getting ready for the person to die, and the soul to leave the body. In one of the most incredible experiences you can imagine, the person struggles for that one last breath, the soul comes out of the body. If a living loved one is in the room, they will breeze by them as if to say goodbye. You WILL feel it, their love, their warmth before they leave, saying goodbye and hand in hand, the deceased loved one picking up the recently deceased, will walk into the afterlife.

Now, I can't see the door or light to the afterlife, some can, I can't, so to me they walk out the door, haha. Experiencing this, I can tell you that the moment of death is peaceful. It's a new start. A new life. Now there are those who are terminal and know they are near death. The transitions for other killed in accidents, suicides, they're not the same, because those who are expected to die, are ready, made their peace with life and are ready.

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