Friday, March 10, 2017

A Paranormal Opinion with James Paradie: Ouija Boards - A Gateway to Evil?

This is a pretty quick opinion piece. 

Any time Ouija Boards are brought up on Facebook, the love/hate ratio is pretty split. Some people say, "Oooh, cool!" Others, like the example above, call for panic. I'm on the "It's just a toy that people overreact to, because they've seen too many horror movies" side. I know that's going to piss people off, much like I'm sure me saying I doubt Bigfoot exists did as well, but I think people get carried away when it comes to these boards that supposedly have "mystical powers." The only board that does is Monopoly. It holds the power to turn friends into enemies and rip families apart. Joking aside, I think people believe too much in the hype. 

People have told me stories before that they have thrown Ouija Boards into a fire and it won't burn. Then, I'd find out these same people are the biggest bullshitters in town. Not that I'm saying people who have had similar experiences are lying, but validation is something the paranormal is in dire need of, and is in low quantity. If that's true, then prove it, but people think just saying it gives it validation. No. It doesn't. Or well, shouldn't.  

I look at them as the same as doing an investigation. You're pumped up, ready for something to happen, and I think that's the wrong mindset to be in, because you're more prone to believe every bump and whisper of the wind is a spirit. Also, the movement of the planchett is controlled by your movements, but it's involuntary thought. To know what the hell I'm talking about, because I most likely butchered that sentence, check out Chris Chaos' article on what I mean. 

But I do believe Ouija Boards are a gateway to evil, hell, or any other doomsday fictional place? No. I think it's the hype that spooks people. 

The thing is, you may not like what I say, and instead of pouting ... prove me wrong. Make me a believer. It's not a taunt, it's a challenge. 

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