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The Ghost with the Most! Review with James Paradie: Chapter 3 Part 2/?

Hello once again, Beetlejuice fans. It is me with Part 2 of the Chapter 3 review of The Ghost with the Most! Last week's review was a bit more positive than the previous weeks review, so maybe things get better? Let's see what Part 2 starts off with.


Beetlejuice is shot! ... And being dead, it didn't faze him. Kind of a waste of time and resources, if you ask me, but you didn't, so let's move on. He burns the gunslinger by saying, his mama could shoot better than that. But what's this guy shooting him for? Because Beetlejuice owes him money. Hey, that sounds like a Beetlejuice-like-thing, so already off to a positive start! Before the guy can do anything, Beetlejuice turns into a snake* and wraps himself around the guy, while Lucy is running, trying to get to Beej.

*This part was confusing. To me, it looked like Beetlejuice did turn into a snake, however, you will find out in the paragraph below, he only wrapped snakes around the guy. It did not look like that. If there's one thing I've learned from writing, is it may make sense to you, but that's because it's your creation. You need to have it make sense for the reader as well, and in this case, it didn't.

She arrives and Beetlejuice tells her to watch those B words. Another thing he would say. But then has a mood switch, his face turns all sweet and blech! Not really a big deal, just mood swing. Lucy tells him they should get out of there, but Beetlejuice jokingly whines, points to the snake wrapped guy, and says he's having too much fun. Lucy yells now and ... that's it. Beetlejuice doesn't argue. Okay?

They're walking and for some odd reason Beetlejuice is panting, despite being dead and having no use for lungs, as well as showing no visible sails for fragility in the previous page. He's leaning against Lucy, who has this creepy smile on her face. Dude, I think she's going to be one of those clingy girlfriends. GTFO while you still can! Oh and the next panel she's looking at him like she wants to kiss him. -sighs- Anyway, they keep walking.

She eventually sit's him on a bench and get's him a drink. Why? Wasn't she all pissed off at him before, wanting to get the hell out, and is suddenly being all nice to him? Maybe there's a motive behind this sudden change of demeanor, but this comic has a lot of mood swinging characters in it so far, so I wouldn't doubt if it's a plot hole, which would be one of my biggest gripes of this comic is the characters never stay consistent with their emotions. Yes, I know, a sudden change of events can turn emotions, but not in the blink of an eye, or in this case, panel with no reason for the mood change.

Lucy says she thinks they lost that guy with the gun. Beetlejuice fumbles with his drink and chugs it down. She thinks they've had enough fun for one night and she wants to put him to bed. Alright, here we go, erotic Beetlejuice fan fiction alert! Sound the alarm! I'm kidding. Beetlejuice comments that nobody knows how to have fun anymore! And Lucy says, "Please don't tell me you get drunk like this all the time." Jeez, she's such a fun sucker. You hate it so much, Lucy, take him to some AA meetings. Beej says he hasn't had a drink in 30 years; let him have fun. Fair point. And besides, when he's not drinking, his twin brother emo Beetlejuice makes an appearance and I hate that mother f---Oooh! I hate him!

Beetlejuice asks if she wants to know why he's the ghost with the most? She seems intrigued. He leers into her, put's his hand on her hand, and ... oh, jeez. You know what's going to happen. He face fucks her ... with his lips. And oooh, she likes it. She's blushing. He grabs her ass. Her eyes close and then she punches him and he goes sailing off the bench. Phew! We dodged a "new Beetlejuice fan fiction, same old shit" scenario!

We then get a version of Beetlejuice that's even creepier than the movie or emo Beetlejuice. He asks her if she knows what will sober him up. She asks rather madly, "WHAT?!" He then get's up, has this wild eyed look and yells, "BOOBIES!" I know it sounds like something Beetlejuice would say, but just look at this.

I mean ... that look. And for the love of Tim Burton, I can not get used to this anime Beetlejuice look. 

Beetlejuice decides to take a jog before grabbing her fun jugs. No reason why. Maybe Lucy was pissed, but we didn't friggin see it. All we see is "?!" Doesn't really tell us anything. Despite him trying to sexually harass her, she goes after him. We then see Dante's Inferno Room. I remember asking in the second chapter review, I think, if Dante's exists in this, and this answers that question. She see's Beetlejuice heading in with some scantily clad ladies. She can't believe HE'S going in there. Some weirdo in a mask comes over and asks her if she wants to make a quick buck and she punches him before saying, "I can't believe I'M going in there." Got a laugh from me. Gotta admit. 

Inside is pretty much what you'd imagine in a strip joint. Ladies shaking their goods, barely any clothes on, some real nice art here if you're into that sort. Not me at all! I'm a gentleman! ... Alright, I have to admit, the Dante's part actually does look pretty good, and ... yeah, maybe the sexy (though dead) ladies do help. Anyway, we have boobs, we have butts, we have Beetlejuice sitting with a lovely lady who's upper half is sitting on one side and her lower half is sitting on the other. Then we have Lucy grabbing a bottle and smashing it over the counter. What the hell? She's gone insane. What happened to Disney Princess Lucy? Oh, golly gee! That sort of thing. Now we have bi-polar Lucy. Sheesh. 

So, Beetlejuice asks the two half's if they're sisters. Alright, good. It got another laugh from me. I can picture Beetlejuice being sarcastic like that. Nice. But Lucy comes over like a bat out of hell, who has rabies, telling Beetlejuice they're leaving now! Beetlejuice says she can't resist him. Lucy is fuming and Beej tells her to relax and with a snap of his fingers, she is sitting on a chair. He then asks if she get's tense, because she is surrounded by "boo-tyful" babes. Lucy's reply is, "I'm a girl." I guess that answers the sexual orientation question ... if I cared. Beetlejuice tells her she's not his mom and if she wants to go, then go. Smart point! Anybody with a sense would've moved the hell on rather than dragging this constant game of tug of war out, which is one of the more annoying aspects of this chapter. 

Lucy kicks the chair out of her way to make room for her rage and says, fine. Finding a way out of the Neitheworld, even if it took a thousand years, would be much easier than taking care of his sorry ass for one more minute. Finally! Some sense. She should have done this a long time ago or at least anyone with a common sense would. It took her a while, but she's finally come around. 

But uh-oh, gangsters arrive and one of them is the gunman who tried shooting Beetlejuice down. You know before when Lucy was done with Beetlejuice? Like two panels ago? Yeah, that's scrapped already and Lucy goes looking for Beetlejuice ... again. Where was he when she was bitching at him? Did he just get up and walk off and she kept on having a bitch-fit? 

Lucy finds Beetlejuice at the strip poles. She tells him about the men who just came in, including the one from the casino. Beetlejuice takes this as an apology and asks her if she has any money. There's some g-strings who need a deposit, if she knows what he means. Again, sounds like something Beetlejuice would do and say, so good job again. Lucy yells that they're coming for them! Beetlejuice is ignoring her. He turns into a strip pole and asks one stripper if he looks Polish (get it? GET IT?!) to her. 

Lucy is grabbed by the bad guys and one asks if she was the one that was with Beetlejuice, the others seem to agree. Lucy says she's not with anyone, just passing through. The gunman says she's a hot tamale. One goon licks his lips and says, "HOT!" Lucy says she has to go before she loses her gag-reflex. 

Then this snake like creature wraps itself around her and hangs her upside down. The leader (formerly known in this review as "gunman") says he will let Beetlejuice off the hook if she does something for him. Lucy says she thinks she's going to regret it, but what is it? But ALL this guy wants is a lap dance. That's it. Just a lap dance. Honestly, I was expecting something a little more risque, like a gangbang or something, but with that said, Lucy, it could be MUCH worse. But Lucy doesn't want to do that. Alright. Fair. She shouldn't have to do something she doesn't want to, but these are the bad guys after all, so to hell with her feelings. 

The leader says she leaves him with no choice and snaps his fingers. The guy who was licking his lips earlier comes closer and cracks his neck. Lucy changes her mind and she's dropped to the ground. "That's what we like to hear." 

He tells her she has 15 minutes to find something revealing to wear. But if she keeps them waiting, her Beetle buddy get's it. He tells her to not even think about running as he is bribing security to guard all exits. A man who has all his exits covered. Commendable. He's still a dick though. After Lucy confides in him that she won't think about escaping, he tells her he'll see her in a bit. We then cut to Beetlejuice with some strippers feeling him up. They whisper sweet nothings to him, but someone pushes them away and we see Lucy in that revealing outfit, despite not seeing how she got the outfit in the first place (little nick-pick). She tells them to get lost, Beetlejuice is her's. He says she dirties up nicely and they start making out again. Lucy punches him and stops that. She tells him they've got problems. 

Lucy asks what are they gonna do? Beetlejuice says she has to dance for those guys, but don't worry, he won't tell anyone ... despite Dante's being packed. She then has a fit and says, she's selling herself out because of his problems. Again, any other person who had to deal with Beetlejuice would just say, fuck him. He's not my problem. Beetlejuice asks what does she want him to do about it? He then says she needs a drink and stretches his arm and grabs one. Lucy has that eureka look in her eyes and says, "That's it!" 

And I guess I'll leave it on this cliffhanger. 

What did I think? 

It was a little messy, but not so bad I wasn't interested in finishing the review. The biggest issues with this comic overall were present in this chapter. There's a problem with characters moods. They shift WAY too easily and very often. 

There's also consistency issues with what characters say they're going to do, but never do. Like Lucy saying she doesn't need Beetlejuice anymore, but not even two panels later is begging for his help ... again. 

I also think this chapter is very drawn out. I think the writer should've gotten rid of a lot of filler that's been present in this chapter, such as having Beetlejuice run away every few pages or so. Maybe skip the whole casino part all together. But that's just my opinion. 

Despite being vocal in the overview about not becoming accustomed to the anime Beetlejuice look, which to be honest, I don't think I never will, but the style is still enjoyable. The overall look of Dante's was what you would expect in a strip joint. Good looking ladies, despite being dead, and no, I'm not into necrophilia like it's very apparent in some peoples Beetlejuice fan fictions. The bad guys looked intimidating, as they should. There was that weird snake guy, who has me interested in knowing more about him. 

There were also some bits that got a few genuine laughs from me. 

With that said, there is still interest from me. I don't enjoy ripping this comic to pieces, despite people e-mailing me and messaging me saying they are entertained by what I say about this comic. I know there's love in this, I know there's a vision, but the worst fans/readers you can have out there is constant "Yes" men who don't criticize you. 

Like if I write something, I always ask people, what did you see wrong with it? A lot of times, they don't say anything, because they don't want to hurt my feelings. But your feelings shouldn't be important when it comes to honing your craft. I hate finding something wrong with Cobweb and Stripes, because I've talked to Ada quite a few times, and she's a very nice person, but she realizes the point of a review is to see what you're doing right and wrong. 

Then again, what's to like and not like is subjective. Everything is subjective: art, music, movies, etc. etc. There's no right answer for what's great and what's not, because it's subjective. This comic has a lot of fans, as it's apparent on the site I read this on, but I believe if you truly care about a story, you need to tell the artist/writer what you see wrong with it. People can't grow on nothing, but praise. You grow off of what you learn. You can't learn from praise. But, again, that's just my opinion. 

Anyway, until next time, this has been another review of The Ghost with the Most! Take care ... 


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