Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can Ghosts Attatch Themselves to People? by Jennifer Scelsi of CSI: Paranormal

The short answer is yes. The long answer is a tad more complicated. Ghosts have been known to attach themselves to people, and for different reasons.

It could be that a loved one who has passed away will hang around you and follow you wherever you live. The ghost of a loved one is, of course, harmless. But may act out in various ways to get your attention and let you know he or she is there. 
For example, the ghost of a family member could cause a picture of him or her or someone else in the family to fly off of the wall or a table. Such ghosts might move or do other things that in some way will tell you who they are, if you're paying attention. 

Other types of ghosts who are not family members, but who have passed, can also attach to a person. This type of ghost may or may not be friendly and could have ulterior motives. No one really knows how a ghost, that is not a family member, determines who they want to attach to, but it's theorized that they choose someone who is weak, emotionally stressed, or depressed. 

Some paranormal researchers believe that ghosts that are not related to the person they attach themselves to may be some form of demon, or other negative type of entity that wants to cause harm and upheaval in a family or just in one particular person's life. 

The lesson here is that if you are experiencing some type of paranormal activity, look at it from a different perspective. Pay attention to the actions it takes, and see if you can figure out if it is a message from a departed loved one or something assuming it is something evil.

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