Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Evidence and Personal Responsibility by Chad Stambaugh

Evidence and Personal Responsibility

     Paranormal evidence is subjective. It is different for everyone based on their own experiences. I can tell the difference between a dust orb and a bug based on many years’ experience, but there are still times I have to wonder. I hate that people now argue that orbs of any kind are all dust bugs, rain, and such. I also dislike the immediate criticism if you post orb pictures on your site then others say that you are not a real investigator.
     I agree wholeheartedly that you must have the best uncontaminated investigation as possible but we all know mistakes are made and sometimes I have to throw out evidence because I am not completely sure -- based on my own guidelines -- that this is legit evidence. Even with all of my experience I can't say for sure that anything I have captured is proof positive.
     However, based on what I know I do and how I conduct an investigation all I have is my word that I was there and I know what happened. If you stay with investigating long enough, you are going to realize that, when dealing with clients, you have to be the best you can be and educate yourself on the equipment and my knowledge of the paranormal field, which is quite extensive and growing every day. You have to reflect on how you personally conduct an investigation. It is like a job. I cannot walk into your house and be joking and getting scared right along with the clients. I have to treat an investigation like I am going to my job and I am very serious about how I do that.
      You can always disagree with me but if I posted something online that I feel is interesting in a paranormal sense, then I am sticking by it! The bottom line is I have to be responsible as to what I decide to put out there on my website but more importantly, I have to be responsible how I handle the investigation. So I agree at the end of the day, all I have is my word.

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