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People Who Think Aaron Goodwin Has Been Fired --- Read This

(Note to Readers: I know that the article gets a little weird with a square and a white background below. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix it. It looks awkward, I know.) 

Report surfaced today that Ghost Adventures founder and beloved member of the GAC, Aaron Goodwin, has been fired by the Travel Channel. Here is the original story, courtesy of Empire

Aaron Goodwin has been fired from the Travel Channel television series Ghost Adventures, according to Travel Channel executive and spokesman Richard Roscolelli. Goodwin was fired from the series following a rant while being interviewed on a popular podcast. During the interview on the Are We Alone show hosted by Joshua Sweeney, Goodwin went on about an eight minute rant about how the Travel Channel took everything that was authentic and truly paranormal about the show and made a mockery of it by making the crew record its own voices in place of actual EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) when filming did not reveal enough evidence to satisfy producers.

During the two-hour podcast, Goodwin dished out the disappointing facts. It did not stop with the Travel Channel making them record their own EVP’s but he says they actually made them go back and film reactions of the crew so that they would act surprised when hearing things that did not actually occur.

“If we film all night long and came back with uneventful material, they actually make us go back, and act out scenes. It’s sickening really,” said an angry Goodwin. “This started off as a real thing, it is just not consistent and active enough for the big-shots at the network, so they basically have turned us into liars. We have been committing a fraud in my eyes and I’ve just about had enough.”

Co-stars of Goodwin, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff, have been unavailable for comment. Roscolelli says he expects the show to go on without Goodwin despite his efforts to ‘expose the truth.’

“We are not sure why he said what he said but it is all false. We suspect their may be a feud involving one, or both, of his co-stars, and what better way to get at them than attack the show?” Roscolelli said.

Ghost Adventures, which premiered October 17, 2008, just recently concluded its ninth season on July 12th. No plans or announcements have been made on when, or even if, there will be a tenth season. Some believe the show may have been cancelled, hence the statements made by Goodwin.

“Sounds to me like the show isn’t being renewed and its time to tell all for the crew,” said super-fan Hannah Belew. “It’s too bad. The show was fun. I think everyone watching knew it was faked anyway. Even people like me who really believe in ghosts and spirits know you can’t just walk into an old building, turn on some stupid night-vision cameras, and start seeing things. It was just good entertainment.”

Representatives for The Travel Channel were not available for further comment.


Man, seems like Aaron really ticked the wrong people off. The only thing is, this is NOT true. Why? 

Let's start with the obvious, Aaron Goodwin made a freaking statement about it. 

And I know this is Aaron. I love him (as much as I can love a TV personality at least), but his grammar and spelling is horrendous.

I guess that's it? Move on? 

No, wait. Hold on. May I give a little word of advice? I'm young, yes, but I've been told I'm quite wise for a young fella. Now, as much as I hate big media like CNN, HLN (or anything Nancy Grace is attached to for that matter), you can't help but to use them as validation for claims. Like when Jackie Chan died about twelve times last year, the lot of you jumped on that like a bitch in heat. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson died doing a stunt on the set of Fast 7. Newp. He's alive and well. For the sake of your own credibility, please stop jumping the gun over every little thing. Chill out, relax, and wait. Or better yet, Google it. "Is Aaron Goodwin fired?" See what turns up. If CNN, Fox News, Yahoo!, or anything credible pops up, then sure, it must be true. But if it's some no name site, like Empire News (which sounds cheesy and phony to begin with), then I would take it with a pebble of salt.

What are we going to work on? Not jumping the gun.

*Updated section (10/18/14): I also want to point that if Aaron was ever fired by Travel Channel, there would be chaos among Ghost Adventures' fans. Aaron is one of the more beloved characters in the group. They all are really (even if Zak does flaunt himself like a egotistical tool sometimes, but I still like him). There would be a huge backlash on Travel Channels part with fans boycotting the product and sending heap loads of hate mail. Aaron would have to do something extremely bad to be fired. 

First off, in the article "Aaron" (not Aaron) says that if they come back with nothing, Travel Channel rigs the evidence. Here's why this is bullshit: I think it's common knowledge that they are not in some location for just one night. They stay for a week and wear the same clothes every night to give the illusion that it's still the same night. I'm sure they don't wear the same clothes, they probably buy multiple pairs of the same type of clothing. They all look like hygiene freaks and that is not a bad thing. B.O. is icky, folks. Anyways, that should have been peoples first clue to this being a hoax. 

Another reason why this is trash is because they have done investigations and have shown that they didn't get any evidence whatsoever. A big fan of GA should KNOW that. 


  1. First of all may I say it's refreshing to read your article on Aaron, thanks to you the true nature of events is out there. Secondly may I say to your readers, "Stop reading crap spewed out by Empire News", they make it up as they go along...Again thanks James for your well written piece.

    Brendan in Ireland.

    1. Thanks, man. It's quite sad that people believe every little thing they hear or see on their Facebook walls. They don't even bother doing further research to see if its true or not. I'm still seeing posts about Aaron "being fired." It's sad, but oh well. You can teach people, but it's up to them to learn. But thanks again for the kind words. Cheers!

  2. The only one who left was Nick and that's because he decided to make his own show called ghost stalkers. They all are still really good friends. I guess he just wanted to do something new.

    1. Yes, I did a short blog about Nick leaving. I did this blog two months before Nick left, if you were unaware.


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