Friday, March 17, 2017

The Paranormal Guide Presents: Funeral homes, cemeteries, and hauntings

Funeral homes, cemeteries and hauntings

Have you ever had a paranormal experience while visiting, working at or (in the case of prior funeral homes and reclaimed cemetery land) living at one of these places built in the service of saying goodbye too and the remembrance of the dead?

Many people will share their stories of ghostly encounters in places such as cemeteries and graveyards, and you do come across quite harrowing tales that take place in ex funeral homes, but many people question such hauntings - why is there so much activity taking place at these locations when really they are just temporary holding places or a more permanent resting place for our physical remains?

Do we long for our lives after our deaths and as such do some energies try to cling to that large piece of their physical existence - their bodies?

Or is it the energies of those who come to see their deceased family members and/or friends, either in a funeral homes viewing room or at the graveside, and the emotional charge such times typically carry?

Or are there other things lurking in these places of the dead?

Or is it in peoples heads, a want to believe that their loved ones have carried on after death?

What about the discussion of places such as cemeteries, attaching a tag to them that will make them desirable for visitors… some not always savoury who leave headstones and memorials in ruins in the hopes of provoking a reaction from the dead?

As always have a go at this topic from any relevant angle you see fit (remember this is for places where the body goes AFTER it is dead), be it to share your experiences and/or to tackle some of the questions presented. Also Include mausoleums, crematoriums, graveyards etc in your answers... any place that deals with the processing and remembrance of the dead.

(This question was suggested by Cindy Sharp who had it cross her mind while watching a investigation show featuring a funeral home and its hauntings. If you have any general paranormal questions you would like to see covered on this page please inbox me. )

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