Monday, November 23, 2015

Have a Haunted Household? It Might by Something You Bought by SpookyLady InSanDiego

With the increasing popularity of paranormal TV shows, people are beginning to realize that strange happenings in their homes may be caused by things they have brought in themselves – in the form of antiques or other pre-owned collectibles – or moving into a home or building where such objects may exist without the owner even knowing it. A show that helped a lot of people was Haunted Collector with John Zaffis.

John Zaffis and his team went to the farm of a woman whose horses were being injured by an unseen force. Zaffis’ team found a knife used for the slaughter of animals that once lived in the barn. The speculation was that a spirit associated with the knife could have been causing the horses harm. Once the object was removed, the horses were safe.

So what do you do when that beautiful old trunk starts rocking and thumping? When the antique doll you bought starts moving on its own? Some help might be found in this article:Could your stuff be haunted? from Collectors Weekly.

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