Monday, November 30, 2015

Scoobs McGinski's Paranormal Expose: "cristoff chaoz is a big stuppid weiner snuffer!"

A note from Scared Sheetless creator, James Paradie:

Hi guys, James here. Even though I agree with Chris' article on pareidolia, I am all for different opinions. Scoobs, who claims that IS his real name, got a hold of me via Myspace (... somehow. I don't even have a Myspace, nor even knew is still existed) immediately after I posted Chris' article. Seriously, like not even five seconds later. Boom. Message. He wanted to express his feelings on Chris' article and plans to be a contributor here. Scoobs was very assertive in telling me that he plans on joining the ranks of Chad, Chris, and Spooks. Sure! I'm all for equal opportunity here.

A little about Mr. McGinski before we begin. According to the mini-bio he sent me. Here are the bullet points:

-Masters Degree in Literature

-Was seen in the background of a famous paranormal TV show and because of that he says he's a paranormal celeb. Gotta appreciate that enthusiasm!

-Thinks fire demons are real.

-Favorite animal is the Ostrich-orangutan (exclusive in his hometown of Spiffymiffyville, Ohio.)

-Claims he has Zak Bagans as a friend on Facebook and sent me the link. The name though said, Zack Bagels and he works at a dirt farm. I asked Scoobs, but he told me very firmly it's just an alias.

-Was once in the top 3,023,972 players of Call of Duty: Black Ops and has a record of 2-1532, but tells me that they are all cheaters and "noobs" and he's really number one. Sadly, he had to "retire" when he sold his XBox for an operation on his pet house fly. Who unfortunately died, but the good news is the house fly does haunt him.

-Is a proud Social Justice Warrior and even has a badge to prove it.

This one right here. 

-He is a stay at home "mom", taking care of his twenty-three cats. 

But Scoobs now has the floor. Take it away Scoobs!


hello evryone. i am scoobs mcginski. i am noo heer to scured shetles. i half ben a fan cents he did dark butee. i miss dat and wish he wood bring it bak. semd lik a big hit. i got n contakt with the owner of this blog to talk uhbout my outraag with christof chaoz noo artikle about pearodolia. i am outraagd to sae the leest!!! outraagd!!! heavenlee father pleeze give me the strangth not to go poztul on this azz!

if u dont no me, then obveesly uve ben livung undur a rok 4 ever! i was 1nce on a big paruhnorml show and i hav like 1 of the bigest blogs in the paruhnormal.

if u dont know what dis joobrooni did. he had the guul to use so caled "{scientik facts; to seek and duhstroy agenst peeples baleaves suhch az mine! I no whut iv seen miztur chaoz, if that iz ur reel name! iv ben to gravyards and didnt c this so caled, pearadola efekt. u scienc ppl make me sik! going 2 grate leghts 2 dizrupt ppls beliefs becauz u dont hav a sool. thats rite. i sed it. u dont have sool! nun of u so called scienc freeks have n-e frenz becuz u nurdz and nurdz r lozers. so u take it out on good ppl such as my self and my paruhnormel homies.

i meen lok at the terable examplez he uzed:

k. firs of all, y r u uzing a piktur of theez pour kidz with no faces? thats jus meen. they hav a serius medicall condishun end u r usin there pics without der purmishun. also, datz da gost ov edgur alvin poo in that brook. 

umm, chineeze ppl r frum chinna not turontoo. this iz racest. 

Dis happund 2 me 1nce and jeezus iz just telling ppl he luvs dem n-e way he can. its sacrelig 2 say otherwiz. u r also religus racest. 

therz no pearodilia here folkz dis guy iz a hatefull viktumizer 

u no y r u evan here cris? scured shetles z 4 grate riters! the liks of chet steamburg, spookzdalady insanesanfrancisco, cissy hooper. u? wen ppl reed this and c how much i dastroed u, they ant gunna b evan paeing attention to u ne-more. its gunna b all aboot the scoobs.

im taking over this bich and this wil b my plaegrond n u n ur scienense freeks r not alood!

 O - itz a surrpized skul fur all you stoopids out ther, dur!

scoobs da bozz


scoobs curentlee feelung: MAD!!!!

lisening too - fite song by maralin mansun - cos im agry at weiner snuffer ... duh!

curentlee reedin - politikall korektness will save americur by tumbler user - jennifersnowdenrepublicanzrraccist.tumbler.cum


Scared: Well, that was ... uh, interesting. I'll need some aspirins after reading all ... that ... awesome. Anyway, let's welcome Scoobs to the Scared Sheetless family. You can reach Scoobs on his Ideal Mating account @ scoobidyboobidy

Also, with all due respect to Skuggs, who, again, has a Masters in Literature (he could have been just having a bad day), if you need this to be translated, please let me know. I will TRY my best.

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