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The following are the thoughts and opinions of Alma Steeles which I have decided to set down for her . There was only ever meant to be one book, My Haunted Life, but it was such an enjoyable experience she decided there should be another, In my mother’s words, 

“I’m not a novelist, I can't write fiction, I only write about what I know, so here are my thoughts and experiences, about something that has affected me most of my life. I've only added briefly the facts, because I'm no expert on any of the matters I've mentioned, just a retired housewife, there are lots of books written by experts if you wish to know more. 

It may seem strange that as well as being prone to the paranormal, and the very fact that spirits and visitations are part of my life, I also have memories from past lives, and I have experienced true and warning dreams. I also had a spate of UFO dreams for a time, so I decided to investigate further, as well as researching the theory of haunted or cursed objects which was something else that I came into connect with. I also decided to add an update on my haunted house status via a blog that a friend has been hosting for me. 

I hope you find my little book entertaining, and I would be really interested to hear any readers thoughts on the matters that I have touched upon, or any similar experience that they may care to share with me. “

Available here

All her life my mother has been haunted by the paranormal, from a childhood ’friend’ with a white face to three houses on the same housing estate where not only herself but family members and visitors witnessed the strange events. Poltergeists, a hooded man and a terrifying entity are only a few of the paranormal happenings that have taken place. Despite the assistance of the church, ghost hunters, spiritualists and mediums, Alma and her family’s life is plagued, the events are played out against the backdrop of the ever changing decades from the mid 1940’s until the present day, a mix of everyday life entangled with the hair raising! 

Available here

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  1. Love your book. When do you think book two will be out? I can't wait.


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