Friday, February 24, 2017

A Paranormal Opinion with James Paradie: Is Paranormal Investigating Dead?


There we go. You just read the shortest article ever on Scared Sheetless.

Nah, just kidding.

When shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and a whole slew of other paranormal related shows hit the television markets years ago, there was an up rise of paranormal investigators. But even back then, I said it was just a fad. Not a large fraction of these people actually really gave a damn about the paranormal and were only doing it, because they're bandwagon jumpers. And as soon as the next fad comes out, they will jump right off, and that's that. Fast forward to 2017, I believe I can say I was right.

Shows have been cancelled, even Ghost Hunters is no longer with us. The only well known paranormal show still on TV, creating new episodes, is Ghost Adventures. I believe that's more of people (-ahem- women -ahem-) who gawk at The Bagans. "Take your shirt off, Zak! That will get the ghosts attention!" To be fair, I do make fun of it, but I still prefer watching GA over any other paranormal show. It's entertaining, even if it ever comes out that it is fake and most of the stuff you see is strictly Hollywood like SOME paranormal shows we know.

This is NOT a bad thing though. The interests of the paranormal has waned, yes, but the ball is back to those who are actually interested in the paranormal. I think the rise in paranormal investigators put a hamper on those who are actually into it. Think about how hard it was for those who are actually into it to get an investigation when, at one point, it seemed like everybody and their brother was an investigator. I'll tell you coming from a group, it was really hard finding investigations, and the interest was there. Some places didn't even want us unless there was news coverage. Despite taking out ads in newspapers, being a constant presence on social media, and coming short of practically begging people on my weekly newspaper column (because remember, Scared Sheetless started out on the newspapers) to give us a call.

It's a huge exhale. Those who actually study, it rather than say, trying to get a TV show or doing stupid publicity stunts while using the paranormal as a backdrop - naked paranormal, anyone? Is that joker even still relevant? What was his name? Ste --- no. Sta -- that's not it. Stu -- ah! STUpid. Yeah, that's it. There was too many people who were interested in the paranormal for the wrong reasons. To make a mockery of it (naked paranormal), to whore themselves because they're hot. I've seen it, though I can't name who or what the team was called. Basically the gimmick was attractive women ... who "hunt" ghosts. Ooooh! Interesting! (HEAVY sarcasm). Then there were some who had some pretty hard nosed social standards (only allowing females, only allowing those of the LGBT community). It was all gimmicks. It was all a fad. A joke.

Now the ball is back in the court of the people who are actually interested in it for the RIGHT reasons. To see if there is a life after death. If there is spirits who are having a hard time crossing over, to help them across that threshold. Gone are the days where people watch a Ghost Adventures episode and think, "I'm going to yell like a lunatic at ghosts. That will help them!" Gone are the days of people using gimmicks rather than science to influence others. Gone are the days of para-douches bullying others around, because they don't fit their standards.

Is it REALLY completely gone? Probably not. The paranormal dips and resurfaces in popularity all the time. There have been surges and declines since the early days of mediums and then it will come back into the public eye and go away again. Now the only time the paranormal is even relevant is around Halloween. How long will take before it's all over TV again? Who knows, but let's take advantage of this moment and to breath new life into a life full of death.

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