Monday, July 11, 2016

Spirit Photo of the Day: Scratching Ghost in Skeleton Park

(Photo has been enlarged) 

Found this photo on a Facebook page a long, long time ago. Probably been saved to my computer for over a year now just haven't gotten to it until now. 

Using Google image match search, this photo led me to this blog. This photo was taken during a paranormal investigation by a man named Peter Prezgot. I won't post the entire investigation, but only a few quotes from it. Unless Peter ever sees this and decides he wouldn't mind me posting the entire post, then cool, but until then I'll treat this as a news story with just quotes. 

The blog was posted on April 16, 2013, so we can assume that the investigation happened sometime around that time frame. Peter had this to write about where and why they were investigating this location.

This was [my] first real investigation. An investigation that I probably should not have done myself. I will get into that later.

Skeleton Park is the 5th most haunted place in Canada.  It used to be a burial ground, because of six pandemics that happened in Kingston in the late 1800’s. To this day, there are still thousands of bodies that have never been discovered. That’s how many deaths there were!  A breeding ground for the paranormal. A breeding ground for lost souls that are still not at peace. A breeding ground for evil. 

Pretty frightening. Peter goes on to talk about an uneasy, being watched feeling that a lot of paranormal investigators typically talk about. Common feelings in a scary setting. Peter also started to become angry and thought that maybe he was feeling the anger of the spirits. That's when he knew he was in for quite a night.

Peter felt like the spirit was messing with him until he started snapping photos with his smartphone. He believes he may have caught a full bodied apparition as seen in the photo at the top. Eventually he finally decided to go home where he found a scratch on him that he thinks the spirit left. You can see that photo, as well as some others he feels has spiritual entities, on his blog.

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