Monday, March 7, 2016

Have You Experienced a Perfume Ghost/Phantom Smell? by The Paranormal Guide

Many people have reported strange scents/odours that do not seem to have a natural point of origin. Although there are many 'natural' reasons why a 'new' odour might present itself at a location, people who have experienced 'phantom smells' tend to have the opinion that they are ghostly/spiritual in origin.
The sense of smell is one of the senses most closely linked to memory and emotion. It is believed that an entity might express as a scent (knowingly or not) that unlocks in the mind of the witness a person, place, event or other specific memory. A lot of the time these scents will be a perfume or aftershave a passed loved one often wore, or the smell of their favorite brand of cigarettes/cigars etc. though not limited to these.
At other times a phantom smell might be incredibly noxious and unpleasant, and people often link these to negative entities.
Have you experienced a perfume ghost / phantom smell?
Did it remind you of someone, someplace or an event?
How long did it last for?
How did you feel?

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