Monday, March 7, 2016

Cowboys and Guardian Angels by SpookyLady InSanDiego

My husband and I were eating dinner in a restaurant when I noticed an older gentleman with a Navy veteran baseball cap was sitting at a table across the room. He was with his wife and another couple. I mentioned his cap to Hubby as he was in the Navy too. We both said we guessed he may have been in World War II and that it was honorable he served his country.

The veteran and his group finished their dinner before Hubby and I did. As they walked past us on their way to the door I felt very strongly that there was another member in their party. The man in the cap was being followed by his guardian angel. The angel looked like actor Sam Elliott in one of his cowboy roles. As they passed I must have had a look of recognition of this on my face, because Hubby asked me if my “Spidey-senses were tingling.” I told him yes.

As we were leaving the restaurant I told Hubby about the man’s guardian angel. He asked if I saw him. I said, “Sort of.” It’s hard to explain my claircognizance…I don’t see things with my eyes, such as someone standing in front of me, but more within my mind, as if I am picturing someone I know, and I know they are there.

If I asked you right now to think about your brother, child, coworker, etc. you’d think of them as an image, like a photograph, in your mind, right? That’s how I “see” spirits. It’s not physical, but more metaphysical. It’s more difficult to explain to folks who don’t have the same ability.

Hubby always listens to what I have to say, even if he’s not quite sure of how my clair-senses work. I’m still waiting for the day he’ll get a glimpse of our resident Ghost Dog walking past our bedroom door or feel the brush of our cat’s spectral tail as she comes by to comfort us when we’re feeling sad. In the meantime he’s hopeful it’ll happen.

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