Monday, December 7, 2015

Spirits Who've Made Contact With Me - Part 1 by Lauren C. Dole

Hi guys! The other night a rare occurrence happened for me. The door to the afterlife was opened and a flood of spirits came through. This has only happened four times in my life. I prefer to deal with them one on one and most times it is hard to even find one spirit to come through. But I took the opportunity to write down who they were, who they were looking for, and their messages. No children or teens came through. Mostly moms, dads, and grandparents.

Here we go:

  1. A beautiful, Italian, heavy set momma, with black wavy wavy hair that was pulled back. She had grey around her face. Brown eyes. Big breasts. She was around 5'4" - 5'5". Round face, wearing the apron her daughter gave her. She looks to be around her 60's, but don't go by age. Spirits will show me how they want to be viewed. She was looking for her daughter. An Italian name that sounded like Lilian. She said she is around her daughter often and has watched her daughter's children grow. She is very proud of her.

  2. A small woman of European descent with accent to go along with it; wore foreign clothes; thin and short; blue eyes; blonde hair that kind of resembled a Dutch boy look. Looking for her daughter whose name sounds like Helsa or Elsa. She says she loves you, misses you, and that yes, dad made it over.

  3. BIG 6'4" man; big mop of grey hair; western accent; boots; dusty looking; I'd say farmer or horse wrangler; hard callus hands; big build, but a big teddy bear; early 70's. No message. He was just smiling. :)

  4. Man in blue service uniform, but I'd say a generation back; 5'8"; Not a recent death. Looking for his four children; I think his children are about in their late 60's to early 70's; says he was sorry to see you grow as he was killed in service. He is alone. No wife with him.

  5. Parents looking for their children. Dad's death was this year, real recent. Mom wanted her children to know that, "Dad is with me." Both looked great, so I can't tell how old they were when they died. Dad looks to be in his 60's, but I sense he was in his 80's when he died. His wife died many years ago in his 50's of cancer. Her husband never remarried and always loved her and waited to be with her.

  6. Another father. 5'10"; dark, slicked back hair; dark eyes; dark complexion, but a sweet smile. Called his children funny names. Worked as a butcher or at least in a deli. Worked a lot of hours, but loved his children so much. He wants them to know that they were his life. I did not see a misses with him.

  7. A mother that looked stunningly beautiful like a model. She had wavy dark hair, a nice figure. She was clean and neat. Red lips. Standing 5'7". She wore an old dress, so I'm thinking this woman would be a grandma in terms of age. Her children are in their 50's. She says she loves, she's at peace. She died of cancer. No husband with her.

  8. A mom and dad who both died together in a car accident. Says they always watch over their children and love them. Children were raised by the mom's mother. I got the name Ellen or Helen.

  9. Another service dad who whore a white uniform with a white, funny hat. He had blue stars. Stood 5'8" to 5'10". Airplane mechanic, possibly. Looking for his son named Jason. "I'm with you," was the message.

  10. Another dad. Chunky, 5'5", dark hair, brown eyes. Breathing badly. Italian. Name's Vinny. He's looking for Monica.
That's it for now. Remember the spirits will show me an image that is not necessarily the age they died. I hope of these spirits match some loved ones you are looking for :) 


Scared Sheetless Note:

Part 2 will be posted next Monday!

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