Monday, December 14, 2015

More Spirits Who Made Contact with Lauren C. Dole

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11. Male, 20's, brown hair, 5 o'clock shadow, 5'10", thin, sad, no name. committed suicide. Death by drug overdose (James note: was it suicide or a drug overdose?) Said, "I'm sorry, mom. Love you. Forgive me." All suicides instantly regret their actions.

12. Single mom with red hair, green eyes, 5'6", Irish. Name was either Maggie or Marge. Had four children. Said she loves her children and is watching over them.

13. Male in his 70's. Names was either Mark or Matt. A big scroungy looking, grey hair with pony tail, scruffy long beard, dirty hands. Raced cars and had motorcycles. Message was, "Rock on, buddy."

14. A tough guy of medium build and medium height, brown hair, and brown eyes. Died of a drug overdose when his daughter was young. Was a bike rider, heavy drinker, drug user, and womanizer. Message was, "Sorry I was a crappy dad." Not a nice guy. Sorry to his loved ones, but he wasn't.

15. Single grandma who is African American. Raised her three grandchildren: two girls, one boy. "Did the best I could," she said. Boy was in jail many times, but died of a drug overdose. Both girls with many children by different guys. Says she is watching over her grandchildren.

16. A good looking man, standing 6'1." Big smile, nice dresser, gold watch, diamond ring, strong cologne, brown hair and eyes, medium builds. Was a real estate broker or salesman. Had a Cadillac. Four children. Nice big house for his family. Good life with a few wives. Says he loves his kids.

17. Man, big build, 6'1", blue eyes, dirty blond hair. Was a dad. Coin collector. Worked on hobbies with his son in the basement. Loved his son who is looking for and his message is, "Love you, boy." Boy had riding car made of medal.

Okay. Many others came, but had no message. They were too quick and I could not get a good description or message out of them. I will keep reaching out to loved ones. Many will never come. Some will, but will have no message to give me.

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