Monday, November 9, 2015

The Ghost of the Highwayman by SpookyLady InSanDiego

My friend Rose from England submitted this story told to her by her Grandmother:
"My Grandmother lived right next to the sea in a large house in Skegness/Ingoldmells in eastern England (it’s in the county of Lincolnshire). In the back yard of the house was a shed where the coal for the fire was kept; the shed was called the coal house. Every day my Grandmother would go to collect a bucket of coal for the fire. 
One day my Grandmother went to the coal house. She was shocked to see a man in there dressed like a highwayman (a British term for a thief) standing inside it. She said he made her jump and at first she just wondered why he was there. Suddenly the man said to her, very crossly, “What are you doing in here?” He looked surprised and walked past her. As he went out the door she realized his clothing wasn’t modern at all – it was from another time.”
When Rose looked up the area around her Grandmother’s house she found that it was once a popular unloading area for boats. The boats unloaded their cargo onto carts, then the carts were hauled through gaps in the sand dunes known as pullovers.

As late as 1846 Dutch vessels were still landing tobacco on the beach there, Rose read in an article. She also discovered many highwaymen roamed through in the area as well. Perhaps the spirit of the highwayman was just as surprised at seeing Rose’s Grandmother as she was at seeing him.

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