Monday, November 9, 2015

New Contributor! Dark Angels by Lauren C. Cole

Dark angels are true demons. They are angels of chaos. The corruption the Earth and the reason for the division of Heaven, Earth, and the creation of Hell. They are creators of chaos. People would call them vampires more then eight thousand years ago. When the earth was still joined in dark angels. They were created as a counter balance to the light, but they spread corruption among the humans and the race we humans call vampires today.

They were destroyers, merciless and conquerors. Thousands of these creatures became rampant like the plague. They were killed once in check. The vampires evolved closer to human form and through their mass breeding, they watered down their blood through new generations.

They became one of sophistication and class here today. These vampires are a little more than immortal. The dark angels use to be thousands until the war darkness on light for our souls. Only thirteen remain of dark angels today. The 13th angel was left in the Valley of the Dammed, scorned by hate, torn by love, and ashamed to feel love again. Notice everything consist of the number 13. Just like Templar's that murdered - 13 Templar's.

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