Monday, November 9, 2015

Guest Contributor - Roger Belt: Stirring Up the Coals

Where do we, as Paranormal Investigators, draw the line?

I have been an investigator for some years and learned a lot from others in the field. I am always open to learn more, because we never know everything there is to know. But over the years I have heard many talk about fairies, wee people, mermaids, leprechauns, and etc.. I have talked about these things with different people, but as yet never seen such a thing.

I have seen spirits and although I have yet to see a demon, I know exorcists have supposedly removed plenty. Now I also must bring into account what brand of religion one believes in as to whether they believe in demons or not. But in the same respect, I would think that is how one would view whether they believe in the other aforementioned beings or not.

I will not say none of these exists just that as for me right now. I have not seen any of them in a form I can rely on as real. And I say the same thing about 'orbs'. Many investigators believe in 'orbs' and I have seen pages flooded with "orb" entities, makes squint eyed face here. Most who know me also know my feelings on the orb thing. If an 'orb' floats up and says, "Hey Roger! I am an orb entity," or turns into a full blown spirit in front of my eyes, I will claim it as evidence and not until.

Just some thoughts from an old investigator on some of these things. Have an awesome night.

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