Monday, October 5, 2015

The Other Side Knows by Chad Stambaugh

 (Scared Notes: Chad posted this on his blog in January of 2014. So just note, when he says, last night, he means almost two years ago :P)

    Okay, I just wanted to share with everyone an unusual experience that I had last night. My wife Crissy and I were over at a friends house doing evidence review. During the meeting, we were showing each other our new equipment that we had gotten. We just got a brand new full spectrum camera and our friend just got a new type of spirit box. Well, usually I don't play around with the spirit boxes. Our friend said that she hadn't gotten it to say much yet. Well I went over and picked it up and as soon as I did, it says paranormal, now, I've heard other boxes say this so that was not a big thing to me. What was shocking to me was what came next. Let me regress here for a second. None of you here know yet that I speak several different languages. I can speak German, Italian, and enough Russian to make me dangerous. lol.

     So when I ask the spirit box what about paranormal it comes back IN GERMAN, paranormal vereint! I looked at my wife and then our friend. She says what did it say? I told her it just said paranormal united in German. We just looked at each other. So I asked it again, what are you trying to tell me. It then again in German, tells me Paranormal vereint, gehen, which means; paranormal united, go.  It repeats this again several times. So I don't know what it's trying to tell me, except at this point I actually just joined a group called United Paranormal International, which is an online social network for all things paranormal, without all the drama.  So at this point I'm totally shaking in my boots, so to say, cause I haven't worn any type of boots since I wore combat boots in the military.

     Now my wife says that it's my spirit guides trying to reach out to me. She says that they do things like that in those specific ways to let me or you know that they are trying to contact you. In fact, this is how she was first contacted by her guides, since she is a sensitive. I believe her because it was my guides that got me to write my first book; Paranormal Investigations, and they haven't let me alone since, lol. So after properly closing down the ITC session with the spirit box, I go home and start getting more involved with UPI and within a month, I'm the California director for the site and within six months, I became the Western Regional Director, running the whole west coast for them.  My wife took over as the California Director.  So the moral of this story is, you never know what's going to come through during an ITC session.  You might just be directed into something amazing. (You still have to be cautious and careful, because it's not always something nice on the other side).

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