Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Old Man and the Black Cat by SpookyLady InSanDiego

My friend Rose had a difficult start to her young married life. When her son Joseph was born he cried almost constantly. One day Rose realized that Joseph’s face looked like an old man’s. “I kept telling my husband I felt very strongly that Joseph was reincarnated and didn’t want to be in this world.” My husband didn’t think anything about it.

One day I was feeding Joseph when I looked up to see an older, bald man sitting on the other side of the room. I froze and my husband saw the color drain from my face and I started shaking. He asked me what was wrong so I pointed to where I saw the man sitting, but the man was gone. My husband hadn’t seen the old man. 

I had the feeling the old man was the ghost of Joseph from his last life, coming to see himself in his new body. There’s a chance I was just exhausted from lack of sleep, being a new mother and having a fussy baby, but it seemed so real at the time.

Rose told me about another experience she had when her son Joseph was about two years old:

I was holding Joseph in my arms when I saw a black cat. The cat was chasing me around in circles! I screamed and finally it ran out the front door. My husband came in and asked what was wrong. I told him a black cat got into our flat and chased me around. He said the front door wasn’t open so it must still be in the flat. We searched everywhere but never found the black cat.

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