Monday, October 26, 2015

The Ghost in the Wrong House by SpookyLady InSanDiego

“My auntie used to hear footsteps every night coming up her garden path,” said my friend Rose. “Keys would rattle in the door and the door would squeak open…exactly 10 minutes before her husband came home from work.” Rose said this nightly ritual lasted for years.

One night Rose’s aunt was in bed and heard the sounds she’d become so accustomed to: the footsteps, the rattling keys and the door opening. This time it was different: As she lay in bed, Rose’s aunt saw the apparition of a man walk into her bedroom – and disappear right through the wall.

The next day Rose’s aunt told her neighbor about her strange experience. The neighbor’s bedroom was directly on the other side of her aunt’s. The neighbor said she also experienced something strange that night, but it never happened again – to either Rose’s aunt or her neighbor.

Rose’s aunt found humor in the situation. “All those years he was coming here, and he really meant to go next door!” she joked.

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