Monday, October 26, 2015

Haunted House/Halloween Party Soundtrack 2015

What's up fellow frighteners? We're only a couple days away from Halloween and I decided that I'm going to post my personal picks for the perfect haunted house or Halloween party soundtrack.

First up on the list is Legacy of Darkness by Nox Arcana. The thing about Nox Arcana is that they always have a theme with every album they put out. Blackthorn Asylum has to do with ... Care Bears. Yep. Totally. Honestly though, this whole album makes for a perfect haunted house, but this track right here is perfect for playing outside before people enter your house of horrors!

I already share this soundtrack on Scared Sheetless before, but seriously, it's a great track.

You need some metal in your Halloween mix. Heavy metal is the perfect music for the time where demons burst out of Hell and the dead come back to life to feast on the living. And who better than the Prince of Darkness? Nobody. That's who. And you gotta give it to Ozzy, because nobody can headbang to the Charles Manson murders, but he can.

I dare you to listen to this with the lights off. Double doggy froggy ... groggy ... dare you!

*I couldn't help but to laugh at double doggy. I know we all used to say it as kids, but it sounds so dirty now! HA!

"Feed my Frankenstein! Hungry for love and it's feeding time. Baby woohooo Oh yeah! Feed my Franken--" Sorry. You gotta love Alice Cooper. Before Rob Zombie came, Alice was freaking audiences out everywhere with his epic horror stage shows. Though such classics as Poison, Eighteen, and of course Schools Out are classics. Feed My Frankenstein is my thing! Which reminds me ...

We're not worthy! We're not worthy! We're not worthy! (Finally. I can use a Wayne's World reference on here!)

For the next song, I have to use special three special words. You know me. I love this movie and you had to see it coming. So, without further ado ...

Beetlejuice ...

Beetlejuice ...

Apple juice ... ah, damn it.

Beetlejuice and dubstep? Totally serious. I'm not into dubstep, but I do love this modern of the classic Danny Elfman score. It includes old elements, new elements, and sound bites from the movie and even the cartoon!


You didn't think I wasn't going to have a Ghostbusters track on here, did you? I don't listen to much hop hip ... hippidy hoppity ... whatever. But I do secretly love the Ghostbusters II soundtrack and this is probably my favorite track.

Next up is Frost by Enslaved. I first heard this track off of the brutally metal video game, Brutal Legend, and have loved it since. It's like a winter wonderland turned into a nightmare. 

And the track you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE on your Halloween spooktrack is ...

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