Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Afterlife Chronicles Bonus Material: Deleted Part

What's up guys and gals? I figured for the benefit of those who have read my book, The Afterlife Chronicles: Symbol of the Dead, might be interested in some bonus material. Think of it as something you'd find on a Blu-Ray.

The Scene in Question: This would've been the original opener for Chapter 15 - Abducted.

Why it is was deleted: My editor and I felt that the chapter held no significance whatsoever in the story. More filler than anything, which is something you don't want. Although I think the part is somewhat fun, it didn't serve a purpose, so it was deleted from the final draft.

Keep in mind that this hasn't really been edited yet, so you will find mistakes. I've never claimed to be a grammar-wiz or anything of the sort. But I tried to my best to give it a look around, so it wouldn't be THAT bad (I hope.) That's why I hired an editor!



Chapter 15


         Rigor  looks out the window, first to the people on the sidewalk, and then up. Something catches his attention, seeing the shadow of a pretty lady through a the window. She has a nice body and big breasts, which is good enough for Rigor.
Sam notices the urgency in his voice. "Why?"
"Because. I have found what I've always been looking for."
Sam stops the car and Rigor gets out. He looks up at the woman pretty lady and watches as she takes off is taking off her bra. He smacks his palms together and rubs them with glee anxiously.
"Oh yeah!"
"Oh, no." Sam says, realizing this could spell trouble.
She opens the window, “Rigor!”
“Get back in here!”
“Oh, come on, it will only take a second. It usually does before I get smacked and serve some jail time. It’s so worth it though.” Rigor smirks, while winking at Sam, and turns around, heading towards the building.
Sam shakes her head and says to herself, “Why couldn't I just pick Jack? But no Sam, you had to pick the freaking crazy one!”
Rigor puts his fingers into his eye, twists it, and it comes out.  He tosses it into the air and it lands on the windowsill of the lady's apartment. It squeezes under the small gap of the barely open window and intrudes inside.
        The shadow outside didn't lie. She is quite the beauty. The lady walks into the bathroom and Rigor waits anxiously, almost irritated that she went away before he could see her goods. Little does she know that there is a pervert's eye in her house.
"Come to papa."
The eye rolls off the windowsill and moves towards the bathroom. However, a vacuum is heard and the eye twitches in fear. It tries to roll away, but the vacuum’s suction is too strong, and his eye is sucked into the vacuum.
"Frickin’- a! Oh, well." He slaps his arms against his sides. "At least it wasn't eaten by a dog like last time."
What Rigor doesn't know is that three teenagers are behind him and they saw the whole thing. They are gawking at him as if he is their idol.
        The first teen is dressed in gangsta attire, the middle is dressed in prep clothes, and the third is dressed in punk rocker attire with spiked green hair.
The punk says excitedly, "Dude, that was awesome!"
"Yo, man. You gotta teach us how to do that, bro." says the wannabe gangsta.
Rigor quirks his eyebrow and asks, "Care to put that in human terms?"
The one wearing the prep clothes sounds desperate when he pleads to Rigor, "Teach us."
Sam has parked her car and walks down to them, stepping in between them.
"Rigor, let's get going," Sam says.
The wanksta smiles, nodding to his friends in a 'watch this' suave. "Hey mama, you got some pretty legs."
Sam says ironically, "Thanks. I'm flattered. Really,"although she’s not.
"Yeah, honey."
         The punk puts put's his arm around Sam's shoulder and Rigor's lone eye twitches a little with anger.
        "Teach us how you keep those legs in good shape."
"Hey guys," Rigor says. "Let me show you something about respecting the ladies."
Sam puts put's her hand over onto Rigor's mouth to shut him up. She whispers, "Hold on. I got this."
         She turns her attention to the punk. "You want to learn?"
The punk smiles, but not for long, because she knees him in the gut. The punk is winded and runs away with the prep in tow. The gangsta looks like he's going to come at her, but has a change of heart.
"We're sorry!" he yells, running after his buddies.
  Soon after, Rigor gets into the car, laughing. He snaps his fingers and an eye appears in the empty socket.
"That was fun," Sam says sarcastically..
"You’re telling me. So how do you keep those legs in good shape?"
“My father made me take defense classes before I moved here.”
“Good decision.”
"I think we should get back to my place though. I think you've proven that I can forgive you."
"No! We’re free! Let’s go wreck something!"
         Sam gives him a stern look.
         Rigor says in a dull tone, "Fine, let's go back to your boring place. I'm sure Jack, that guy in the wheelchair, and Luke are having the time of their lives, unlike us!"

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