Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Paranormal Guide Presents: Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons - La Lechuza

La Lechuza
Ghosts, Ghouls and Demons

Origin: Hispanic folklore

Description: Shapeshifter that appears as a ghostly witch or a human sized bird with a woman’s face.

Legend has it that La Lechuza (also La Lechusa) was a witch who was exposed for practicing white magic. The angry townsfolk went on a rampage and killed her. It is said she returned from the grave hell bent on seeking revenge on those who murdered her. The folklore morphed a little to say that La Lechuza will appear anywhere at any time attacking intoxicated people. No matter where or how she attacks, it is said that she is vengeful spirit without a soul.

La Lechuza apparently has supernatural powers and transforms into a large bird, most commonly an owl (La Lechuza translates to 'the owl'). Her face is that of a beautiful wise woman, in a sense a siren of feathery sorts. La Lechuza lures her prey with eerie sounds resembling that of a newborn baby. Of course if you hear the helpless cry of a baby in the dark of the night you’d try to locate it. This is where La Lechuza strikes. She swoops down on her victim in a banshee manner and they are never seen again.

It is said that hearing a bird in the night is an omen that La Lechuza is about.

Written by Nic Hume of APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators
Put together by Ashley Hall

Photo: La Lechuza by Bruno Werneck.

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