Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Social Meda is Great for Investigators by James Paradie

Some of us despise social media, even though we still use it on a day-to-day basis. That includes me on that bracket, but the reason why it’s great for a high assortment of people is due to the high volume of free advertising. Of course, for a fee you can actually advertise on Facebook, but not if you have over a thousand friends. That’s a thousand eyes looking at your work, plus if they share what you wrote or what you’re posting to the world, then that’s even more eyes. It adds up.

When I made my Scared Sheetless friend account, to separate it from my personal, I’ve seen a large increase in traffic flow to this website. Plus, adding some cool new features is a good thing too. But a large majority has to do with Facebook. I’m sure if I got a Twitter account, I could add some more, and maybe someday I will. But since I made this account and started having other paranormal investigators add me, I’ve went from about 150 views a day to 300-350 a day. Of course, depending on the season it varies. Like right now, my views have gone down to about 200, but that’s because its summer and some people are not going to sit in front of a computer while its nice outside – present writer of this article not included in that crowd.

But not only is social media great for writers such as myself, but it’s a great tool for investigators as well. You can collaborate with a team anywhere from Texas to Australia. The limits are endless. The stories and evidence is endless as well. You could find new, potentially great minds to join your group.

Facebook could also be used as a tool to bring this paranormal unity everyone is so high about to a reality. Investigators can watch each other’s backs and call upon each other for help. Because most of us have the same goal with doing this and that is to not only find evidence of an afterlife, but to also help those in need. Why bicker to each other about a photo of an orb? And yes, I do know that I pick on orb pictures a lot, but I’m simply teasing and mean no ill-will. But you get the point.

Going back to the matter at hand, it’s so easy to use any social media as a tool to get your observations across, to meet new minds, better thinkers, revolutionaries of this world of thought we’re all in. Let’s not let it go to waste and use it to your advantage. Enlighten people with your views on the paranormal. Educate people on new techniques you and your team have brought to the field. Do something.  

Facebook can be here for greater purposes for all us than just sending annoying game requests. Use it!

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