Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are You Against Bullying?

SS Note: Bullying affects hundreds of thousands of not just kids, but teens and even adults as well. Some of them are harassed for various things. Such as, but not limited to: the color of their skin (which includes white, the media just seems to "miss" those stories), sexual orientation, people who suffer through poverty, their looks, their intelligence level, height, or their weight. 

Being one of those who was bullied in school and can't seem to get away from it even in my adult years, I share this ribbon proudly. Bullying absolutely needs to be stopped and although it seems far-fetched, especially in the era of time we live in, where you can only be "cool" if you have the best insults. But that doesn't mean that you just give up. Only quitters quit. Don't be a quitter. 

Also, some people seem to be hypocrites with anti-bullying. They seem to think they picking on one person is wrong, but picking on another is perfectly fine. You know what those people are called? Douchebags. Tools. To put it bluntly, of course. Don't be like them either. You either believe in equality for all or for none. There is no gray area with bullying, or at least there shouldn't be. 

"It takes a voice to be heard. It takes an army to be felt." 

-James Paradie (which is me. Yes, I know that quote is totally kick ass.) 

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