Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Slender Man

A reader recently sent me the information on this scary specimen a few months back. She said this little paranormal beauty was the inspiration for the gothic favorite character, Jack Skellington of the Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. It even, somewhat, resembles the Pumpkin King, but let’s explore into the myth of the Slender Man.

The Slender Man is considered more of a mythical creature than a paranormal entity (like the Blue Lady or the ghost of the Virgin Mary is), but he does reserve a spot in everyone’s minds as a creature of thought and nightmares. Easily looking at the descriptive art of the Slender Man shows both fear and wonder. A brief account of the descriptions of the Slender Man is that the entity is thin and tall (I’m already jealous) and has these sticks for arms (some say he has tentacles like an alien); it has this huge pumpkin size head (on some pictures at least), and he is wearing a suit.

The Slender Man, however, according to articles about him, show that he is not as nice as Tim Burton's Jack Skellington is, but is rather intrigued to steal peoples hearts---literally. Yes, you see, according to legend when a person see’s this mythical man they go missing and when they are found they are usually impaled to a tree with their organs taken out and replaced systematically. How can you fight it though if what you see is not the same what other people see though?

Strange thing about this man is that no two people see the same face. That the face one will see is completely different than what the next person will see. The sight of him makes people go insane. They will scribble weird etchings with a man with tentacles for arms, a dark figure of fear and fright, but the face shows nothing. They will literally turn themselves mad over this creature, making themselves sick to their stomachs. There was a story circulating around forums on the internet about how this weird, deformed man shows up in a picture with all these children in a park, next to a library. The myth goes that one week later the library burns to the ground and all the children in the picture disappear.

You can sleep easy though as there is no real proof that this even exists. The person who originally posted this story was a genius at stirring a fire with people, because people from around the world started to take into this Slender Man figure. But the story proved to be false, but they are those who still believe in the Slender Man. Is he just a mad man's prophecy or is he something more? One thing is for sure, you don't want to go in the woods alone and find out. Until next time this has been another Scared Sheetless, happy haunting and keep it scary!

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*4/15/13 update: Decided to delete the paranormal myths aspect of this article. I don't think there's anything paranormal at all about the Slender Man. Although I did check out the game, finally, and its pretty freaky stuff!

Responding to some comments, but let me make one thing clear: I'm all for joking around, which is why I let the "Your Next Anoynomous" comment slide. I admit, I chuckled. But others were just plainly...foolish. Like some 90% of comments made about this article have been deleted, because the comments were either insulting towards others, swearing (I swear like a sailor myself, but I do have to keep this site PG friendly).
But one comment made it seem like I actually believe in this. The question was, what's my evidence that people went insane? I never did say that was fact and I HAVE the evidence myself. Like I said at the end, this is all just an internet rumor that has spread like a wild fire, to now a very popular online game (which is where I think all of the traffic is from, is some people trying to find the game and find this article). I never once said, I believe in this, or I got the facts on this, etc. I'm just a paranormal reporter, I hear stories that I find interesting, and I write an article about them. I'm no Zak Bagans, I can't go to these places and see for myself, I just report what other people have claimed they have seen or heard. I never take credit for any of these stories unless I was actually there and witnessed it myself. Please keep that in mind when you ask, what's my evidence? Most of the time, I just go by what I hear. If you want to ask where the facts are about the Slender Man, then ask the person who originally told the story. I have no idea who the person is, all I know is that it's just a rumor that was on some forum and people believed it. If it's people doped up on drugs or what have you, then that's what it is. But it's a very popular story and that's why it is here.


  1. the slender man is real.

  2. what do u base that on ? i dont see any facts. but here is something to think about. 1 why are there noone willing to step up and talk about their encounter and actually start a paranormal investigation. and 2. if u want to state they all went insane then where did the myth come from then ? insane people dont make myth they take meds.

    1. Yeah, almost three years later and I'm finally taking the chance to respond to this, but just in case you come back you will see this. As said in my updated section, which was updated just for you, I never claimed they were my facts. That's your first mistake. I never claimed this as true and in fact if you actually READ the article, you would have saw that I said this was inspired by a contest (your second mistake in making a false accusation.) This isn't me knocking you or trying to make you look stupid (you're posting under an anonymous account, so nobody will know who you are anyways.) But in case if you did ever stumble back here, you would know that sometimes you really should read the entire article before claiming *I* claim this, when I in fact didn't claim anything.


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