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Ghost Adventures Review-Season 1-Episode 2: "Houghton Mansion"

Scared Sheetless Ghost Adventures Fan Review

Season 1-Episode 2: "Houghton Mansion"

Houghton Mansion-North Adams, Massachusetts, USA


(Photo courtesty of Ghost Chronicles)


Nestled in Massachusetts is a small town called North Adams; a small town that looks like everyone knows everyone, but one story everyone knows is about the Houghton Mansion where the first mayor of North Adams, Albert Charles Houghton resided then and now, but in death. Now, in present time, the home is apart of a Masonic Temple for Freemasons.

One day, in 1914, Mr. Houghton and his daughter, Mary, went for a joy ride. As they were coming back, around 9:30 pm, there was some horses in the road, the driver went to go around them when the engine started racing and they literally went down a cliff. The men were lucky, escaping with only scratches and fractures, but the women were not; Mr. Houghton's daughter would eventually die of her injuries the next day.


(Courtesy of: Ghost Chronicles)

The driver went crazy, blaming himself for the accident and for the death of Mrs. Houghton. They put a suicide watch on him, but he slipped threw the cracks one day, told someone he was going to attend to the horses, and when he didn't come back, the police were called and they found his dead body in the cellar-he committed suicide with a gun.


(Photo Credit: Houghton Mansion)

Albert Houghton didn't suffer any serious injuries, but he died ten years later, possibly of a broken heart. Three deaths in ten days.

In the early 1920's, Houghton's daughter, Florence, sold the mansion to the Freemasons where the Masons would do their rituals in a temple attached to the building. Some hallways have some frightening things within them like a bed of nails and an electric chair covered in dust.

The current Masons as well as the ones who bought the mansion, have experienced paranormal activity:

Door slams; foot steps; feelings of not being alone when you are alone; a huge door slammed shut on it's own accord, after this the eyewitnesses heard loud footsteps as if someone was just walking in when there was nobody in the building; a wall that's right by the mansion came from a tunnel that was known as the "Bloody Tunnel" the reason for that being is because so many people died building the tunnel and bits of pieces of the rock that were built for the tunnel now make up a wall at the Houghton Mansion-which is said that nearly the 200 people who died in the tunnel plagued the Houghton's for their deaths.


(Courtesy of: Barnyards and Barnacles)

They then had to go and investigate the tunnel that killed 200 people. The tunnel is called the Hoosac Tunnel which is said to be extremely haunted. Bricks were falling from the ceiling, Zak also thought he saw something run past the tracks, and they were all seeing weird things inside the tunnel.

Hot Spots-X Marks the Haunts

The guide took the crew to a sitting room where a portrait of A.C. Houghton is, and he is supposed to be one of the ghosts that haunts the Houghton Mansion.

They then went to the second floor, in Mary Houghton's room-the daughter who died in the car accident-a room that has had feelings of sadness, being touched, and some EVPs (screaming, yells of "get out!" in both upstairs and downstairs).

In the third floor is where the butlers and maids quarters was, and it's where one eyewitness said that it's where he believes most of the activity lays; the eyewitness has seen a figure standing in front of a closed door at night in pitch dark, and then he took a picture of the front of the house and there's the figure of a face in one of the panels. The eyewitness got an EVP where they thought it was the driver who took the live of A.C. Houghton's daughter, Mary, and that he felt bad. People have actually left the room crying, because the energy in their is that sad. A light fixture is in the room that is not working and people have claimed to seen the lights on in that room. Zak then decided to stick an "X" right by the window, so they could shoot down the hallway where the eyewitness spotted a man right by the door.

In the basement is where the foundation of another house used to sit before they moved it to a city and build the Houghton Mansion, where a spirit of a little girl is supposed to reside. Experiences of being tapped, hair will be played with, being pushed, she's been seen moving across the floor and peaking at people. They placed an "X" where she's been seen looking down a doorway.


While they were setting up a static night vision camera up in the third floor, they heard the motion sensors going off. The set the motion sensors where the eyewitness from earlier said that he heard the door slam and heard footsteps stomping inside. When they reviewed the camera they put there, they believe they had caught evidence of a shadow person walking past the camera, it's reflection showing against the door. The shadow goes from A.C. Houghton's office right threw the wall on the other side.

As they were in the sitting room; Zak had a EMF Detector going when they heard a disembodied voice with their own ears; it was the scream of a little girl. The EMF actually spiked when the little girl screamed.

Just above, in Mary's room, they kept hearing loud footsteps as the boys went up to investigate who or what can be making those loud footsteps. They went into Mary's room where they used a dark light-a device that's used to illuminate our world and the spirit world and it's supposed to bring spirits to the light-that's in Zak's hand that is; they then took photos with a infrared camera to see if they could get anything. In one photo, the temperature dropped 11 degrees from it's average 75 degrees. In the photo was a mist forming by a desk. Who was it? Nobody can know for sure.

They then found the Masonic Temple and asked the spirit or spirits in there if they wanted the GA Crew to leave. They asked if they could make a noise, then they'd leave, and they heard one. They then proceeded to leave.

They then proceeded down to the basement where they believe they've seen a little girl. First thing they heard was a loud noise, they went on, and began asking questions. Zak then stayed down in the basement by himself to see if he could get the little girl's attention down there. He also set down a ball as a trigger item, or bait, to see if she plays with it. They also set down more cameras in the enormous basement as Aaron and Nick left to go sit in the electric chair to see if they could get anything. As they were in the room they heard footsteps coming up towards them.

Things were getting interesting for Zak in the basement as he caught an EVP that sounded like an old man saying, "ran for help." After that, a sound was weird that made Zak leap out of his chair looking for the source.


They then took their evidence to Las Vegas to be investigated by LVPI. Zak showed them the picture of the mist seen in Mary's room. They claimed it must of been manifesting as they believed they saw a head and a little bit of a body and that the GA crew got the first steps of it coming into form.

They then looked for other light sources that could of caused the shadow that went past their camera when the motion sensors went off; they said it was impossible for one of them to cast a shadow right in the middle of the camera, because they were nowhere even near that light source. They believe it may have been a child standing in the middle of that light source which would send chills down the spines of the viewers, because there was a child there and also at the beginning of the investigation they heard that little girl scream and the EMF meter spiked. The LVPI then said it was a "good haunting".

That it was.

The Houghton Mansion is a place where the spirits stay, where a family still resides, a little girl from a former house still plays down in the basement, and a driver's soul is condemned onto the property out of guilt.

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