Monday, March 21, 2016

Was He My Guardian Angel? by SpookyLady InSanDiego

I was born with a kidney defect. I spent years taking liquid antibiotics, enduring painful infections, multiple exploratory surgeries and hospital stays. I don’t remember much about it, thankfully; the few memories I do have are very vivid and very unpleasant. The good news is, medicine has come a long way since then and there are much easier treatments for the condition.

One time I was in the hospital, waiting to be taken into surgery. I was probably three years old. I had just been taken from my room, away from my parents. I was scared and had been crying. I was lying in a bed with bars like a crib has. The bars were metal. I was cold. I was in a busy hallway where doctors, nurses and other hospital staff were walking by.

I watched people walk by, heard them talking, watched them look at charts, pushing carts or beds with patients in them. Then I saw, toward the end of the hallway, a man walking toward me. Of all the people I saw he is the only one who caught my attention.

As the man walked toward me I could see he was around 25 years old. He was wearing blue scrubs and a scrub cap. There was a beautiful, soft golden light around him. When he walked past he ran his fingers along the bars of the bed and they made a slight metallic sound. He had dark blue eyes. I couldn’t see the color of his hair under the cap. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Then he walked out of my sight and was gone.

After this happened I wasn’t afraid of being in the hospital anymore. I started to feel better and the doctor told my parents the tubes began growing on their own – that meant I wouldn’t need any more surgeries.

I don’t know who the man was. Whether he was an angel, a ghost or just someone who caught my attention, whoever he was, he comforted me in a way no one else ever had. I have never seen him again.

To this day I wonder what happened to him. Who was he? Where did he come from? I’ve always had the odd feeling he wasn’t at the hospital that day to see me; perhaps he was there to see another patient but knew I was scared and tried to make me feel better while he had the time. I can see his face very clearly in my mind; the blue scrubs, the large, kind eyes and the dimples at the corners of his mouth as he smiled.

If I could I would love to thank him for spending those few precious moments with me. It changed my life forever. Some years ago I was thinking about this experience and the name Alix kept popping into my head: Alix with an i, not an e (Alex). Some people say their angels or spirit guides have given them their names; I’m guessing maybe Alix is his.

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